Aspiring Authors Visit The Elsevier Heritage Collection To Improve Your Historical Tales

Aspiring authors who set stories in historical time periods should check out the new research tool over at Elsevier. The scholarly journal has just launched a new online catalogue called The Elsevier Heritage Collection which provides digital access to over 2,000 rare works from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. 

This collection is a virtual treasure trove of hard-to-find source material. Many of these works were originally published by the European publishing house Elzevier between 1580 and 1719. The catalogue is broken down by collection, date and subject, so that researchers can find what they are looking for as they browse through these non-fiction biographies, as well as works of music, medicine, philosophy and history. 

Although we don't suggest these works for light reading (many of these texts are in their original language, which is not always English) these digitized historical books can provide valuable insight into the era and help you bring your characters to life with accuracy and detail.

View the full Elsevier Heritage Collection catalogue here and for more writing tips be sure to check out our Aspiring Authors Page!