Assassin of Secrets Recalled After Plagiarism Allegations

Q.R. Markham’s debut novel Assassin of Secrets was recalled by publisher Little, Brown and Company yesterday when it was revealed that several passages in the book were lifted from other sources. Assassin of Secrets, a spy thriller featuring CIA operative Jonathan Chase, was released just last week and readers immediately noticed sections of the story from other authors' works. 

Little, Brown president Michael Pietsch said in a statement: "We take great pride in the writers and books we publish and tremendous care in every aspect of our publishing process, so it is with deep regret that we have published a book that we can no longer stand behind. Our goal is to never have this happen, but when it does, it is important to us to communicate with and compensate readers and retailers as quickly as possible." 

The publisher has since pulled all copies of the book from online and brick and mortar stores. They have also given the promise that customers who purchased the novel can return it to the seller for a full refund. 

A spokesperson for Little, Brown named several authors that Markham apparently stole from including Ian Fleming, Robert Ludlum and Charles McCarry, but the publisher declined to offer examples of specific passages. However, readers at have sussed out the passages and have listed several sections from Scorpius and Nobody Lives For Ever by John E. Gardner and High Time To Kill by Raymond Benson that were copied. 

Markham had signed a two-book deal with Little, Brown and Company, but in light of the plagiarism allegations, the second novel has been canceled.