August 2012: Which Self-Published Historical Heroine Are You? Take The Quiz!

Authors today have many outlets for their creativity. If a story doesn't fit with a traditional publisher, the work is no longer relegated to the back of a file cabinet, a box under the bed or the depths of a computer hard drive. These days, books have a chance to reach interested readers via the popular avenue of self-publishing, which is great news for historical fans. With unique reads available online, we get to venture out and explore new worlds — much like the exploring that was done by the heroines of old! Unsure where will you head next? Then take our quiz to find out which recent self-published historical romance is right for you!


1. Every girl has to have a signature song. Which tune fits your attitude best?

A) "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige. There’s more than enough of that in your life as it is.

B) "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police, because you’ve got it going on.

C) “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. You’re still waiting for your Romeo.

D) "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins, because you would rock him 'til the daylight comes.


2. So many online dating profiles, so little time to sort through them all. Going on usernames alone, who would you wink at first?

A) UKSwashbuckler4Life

B) SirSeeksLady

C) CallXMeXDaddy

D) Ur_Soldier_of_Fortune


3. You’ve finally scored a date with the man of your dreams, but you have nothing to wear. So where do you go when it’s time to pick out that perfect outfit?

A) Why shop when you can just borrow something appropriate from the theater’s wardrobe department?

B) Hot Topic — you’re a Goth girl at heart (and it’s clear at first glance).

C) You’ll be wearing something chic, yet sensible. Ann Taylor, it is!

D) French Connection’s summer collection is looking très fantastique.


4. Like any respectable gentleman, your date is taking you out for a bite to eat. What do you order?

A) Everything! Honestly, it’s been awhile since you’ve eaten properly.

B) Baked ham — it’s the local specialty.

C) Something that is kid-friendly (as your honey has brought them along).

D) Escargot. This foreign-sounding food reminds you of home.


5. You’ve eaten your meal, and now it’s off to the cinema. But he’s left the choice up to you — so which flick do you pick?

A) A romantic comedy-drama: Shakespeare in Love

B) A classic romantic comedy: Bell, Book and Candle

C) A modern chick-flick: Letters to Juliet

D) A foreign film: Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)


If You Chose Mostly A’s … Then you have the flair for the dramatic like Thea Newell, heroine of Shannon Donnelly’s Paths of Desire. When she’s not busy turning the head of dashing adventurer David Llewellyn, she’s treading the boards as an actress. RT’s Keitha gave this “bittersweet tale of love” with “hot love scenes” her enthusiastic stamp of approval.





If You Chose Mostly B’s … You live to enchant! Like Catlin Glyndwar in Sibelle Stone’s Whistle Down The Wind, you don’t mind using a little bit of magic to keep your man by your side. And if you have a man like the handsome Sir Griffin Reynolds, why wouldn’t you? The “extremely attractive and bewitching protagonists” had RT’s Amy wishing that she, too, could be “part of this fascinating relationship.”





If You Chose Mostly C’s … Wherefore art thou Juliet Hughes? Because you’re a strong woman with a sense of humor, that’s why. Just like the woman who steals the heart of Viscount Patrick Ramsay in Rose Gordon’s Her Secondhand Groom, you’re a force to be reckoned with. RT’s Amy declares this book to be “extremely vibrant with details and memorable characters.”





If You Chose Mostly D’s … Oh là là! You, chérie, are a natural-born seductress...a femme fatale! Just like the heroine in Hostage to Fortune by Maggi Anderson, Verity Garnier, you aren’t afraid of danger or using your wiles to get out of dangereux situations. And if you use an exotique accent, maybe you can also snag a man like soldier Anthony Beaumont. Hostage to Fortune is “an adventure not to be missed” according to RT’s Donna.




Let us know your quiz results in the comments! You can find all these books and more available online now. And for other digital reads, be sure to check out RT's Everything E-Books Page.