Author Interview: Alison Strobel

Inspirational author Alison Strobel shares an in-depth look at her newest novel. Learn how she crafted the struggling newlyweds Amelia and Marcus, discover which personal experiences she tapped into to create some of the tension in this novel and don't miss her best advice for married couples. There's all this and more as the author goes behind the scenes of Composing Amelia.

RT Book Reviews: Composing Amelia follows a newlywed couple who have separated but when they get some unexpected news, they must reunite and rely on God to get through these troubled times. What drew you towards their story of young love tested?

Alison Strobel: It was the tests themselves, actually, that drew me to the idea of the story, and when I started brainstorming my characters I thought, “What could possibly make things worse for them?” (Sometimes you have to be a bit sadistic to be a novelist, what with having to put your characters through all the misery necessary to reach the level of tension required for a really good story!) I realized that a young marriage that hasn’t seen any true heartache or conflict yet would create a lot more tension than a solid marriage that has been tested before. Throw in the idea of two people who have gone after their dreams for all the wrong reasons, and you have two people who are seriously adrift in nearly every imaginable way.

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