Author Interview: Ashley March

Historical romance author Ashley March stops by RT to answer our questions just as her second full-length tale, Romancing the Countess, hits shelves. Discover why March loves writing in the Victorian age versus the more popular Regency-era romance, go behind the scenes to see how she created her two sizzling heroes and learn how infidelity figures in her novels. And don't miss your chance to find out why her third book is going to be a game-changer!.

RT BOOK REVIEWS: There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Regency set historical romance novels, but you have decided to focus on Victorian times in your books. In your point of view, what were the major differences between these times periods and how does that affect your plots and characters?

ASHLEY MARCH: There are a great number of reasons to love both the Regency period and the Victorian era. I grew up reading Regency novels, and I still love them now. However, as a writer, I wanted to explore a Britain with which I wasn’t quite familiar. I knew about spies and Napoleon, about Prinny and mad King George. I have to admit that the span of multiple decades in the Victorian era appealed to me. I could begin with the Queen’s coronation in the 1830s and end after the 20th century begins. For now, though, I’ve chosen to stay around 1848-1850 in mid-Victorian England, where the country seemed to be teetering on an invisible boundary between the aristocracy ruling society and the common man becoming more powerful than he’d ever been before. While great national triumphs occurred in the Regency period, it is the climb of Victorian Britain to the status of a world power and the transformation of British society that mainly distinguishes the two in my mind.

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