Author Interview With Beth Bernobich

Debut author Beth Bernobich talks about her fantasy series starter, Passion Play. The story follows teenage heroine Ilse, as she flees home and discovers that the world is a wild and dangerous place. Learn about Bernobich's inspiration for Ilse's strength, how the novel's hero evolved from a minor character and take a peek at the upcoming novels set in this magic-infused world.

RT BOOK REVIEWS: Between the plot, setting and characters, what was the most difficult part of writing Passion Play?

Beth Bernobich: Hmmm. That's a hard choice. Each of those gave me trouble at one point or another. But to pick one...I'd say the most complicated part was creating the world, specifically the history. Sure, it's relatively easy to draw a map and name the kingdoms, but I wanted to create a plausible tapestry of history, so I not only needed to depict the current political, economic, and cultural backdrop, I also needed to keep in mind how they had changed throughout the centuries. In addition to that, I had created a world where reincarnation was real, so I needed to figure out what roles my main characters played a hundred years before, two hundred, and so on, because that was part of the story as well. Complicated, and at times my brain hurt, but also very rewarding.

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