Author Interview With Cara Elliott

We go inside Cara Elliott’s historical romance series, Circle of Sin, for a special look at the series ender, To Tempt a Rake. Learn which beloved rake inspired the hero of this new romance, what true historical elements Elliott wove into the story and find out the three facts you must know about the hero of Elliott’s next series!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: In To Tempt a Rake, the final installment of your Circle of Sin trilogy, the heroine Kate Woodbridge is a fiery botanist. What is Kate’s favorite part of studying botany?

Cara Elliott: Kate loves seeing buds unfurl and bloom into glorious shapes and colors. She’s had a tough, nomadic life up until now, and has felt rootless, so botany has been a balm for her troubled spirits. But now that she’s come to London, new relationships with friends and family are also beginning to blossom. 

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