Author Interview With Carole Nelson Douglas


Author Carole Nelson Douglas is interviewed by RT BOOK REVIEWS Web Editor Morgan Doremus about her latest Midnight Louie Mystery, Cat In An Ultramarine Scheme, and what readers can expect from the newest novels author's series ...

Morgan Doremus: Louie, your cat protagonist, is very much like Sam Spade - exactly what readers might imagine a private investigator in the noir tradition. Was this done on purpose? 

Carole Nelson DouglasAbsolutely. The Midnight Louie character is "Sam Spade with hairballs." He has all the admirable (and annoying) characteristics of the hard-boiled detective of classic crime fiction. He's somewhat politically incorrect, but lovably so, and, although he's an acute judge of people, he needs his hard-boiled daughter, Midnight Louise, to keep him in line. The independence, sagacity and toughness of cats, whether domestic or feral, is an excellent model for a good detective.

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