Author Interview With Cathryn Fox

Erotic romance author Cathryn Fox has been heating up readers' dreams with her paranormal series, Eternal Pleasure. Now get an insider's look at the gated community of Serene, New England and the creatures that make their homes there. In this author interview Fox shares details about the first three stories in the series and offers her advice for readers new to paranormal erotic romance!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: Your current series, Eternal Pleasure, is set in the community of Serene, New Hampshire where all sorts of paranormal creatures live. So why does a community with the name of ‘Serene’ host witches, demons, vampires, lycans and shape shifters?

Cathryn Fox: When I created my world, I created a place where the five species known as lycans, vampires, werecats, witches, and demons were forced to put aside their hatred and prejudice for one another and forge a truce. Covert communities were set up around the globe, and each species in each town has an overseer. These five overseers all work together to keep their brethren in line and maintain order amongst their kind while keeping their existence a secret from the rest of the world. Since these species must all live and work together in harmony in order to survive, I thought the name Serene was a fitting one for their town. 

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