Author Interview With Cherry Adair

Blockbuster Romantic Suspense author Cherry Adair sits down with RT's Whitney Sullivan for a chat about her latest T-FLAC novel, her take on her stories being turned into films and what readers can expect from Adair's two unusual new trilogies, set outside of the T-FLAC world!

Whitney Sullivan: Back in 2007, you revealed that Marc Savin in The Mercenary was your favorite T-FLAC hero. Has anyone come along in the last few years that has rivaled him in your affections?

Cherry Adair: Marc was my first hero, so he'll always have a special place in my heart. But fickle author that I am, my mind is always changed, and my heart re-taken, by my next hero. Because I get to learn who he is, and those delicious details that make him tick, I fall in love with each of my heroes as I'm writing his book.

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