Author Interview: Jami Alden Chats About Her Hard-Hitting Romantic Suspense Series

Romantic suspense author Jami Alden captured our attention with her series starter, Beg For Mercy. (You can find out why RT's Morgan and Whitney both loved the story here.) Now the author is treating readers to Sean Flynn's story, in this month's Hide From Evil. Today, discover why Sean and Krista face an unusually rocky romance, what's next for Alden's cast of characters and where the author turns for the inspiration for her gritty romantic suspense stories!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: You really took on an almost insurmountable task with Hide From Evil. To say your hero and heroine have a problematic relationship is a HUGE understatement. So tell us, how does one go about forgiving the person who unjustly put them on death row?

Jami Alden: I admit, I was really nervous about whether or not I could pull this off and make it believable that Sean would not only forgive Krista for her part in his conviction, but that he would ultimately fall head over heels in love with her. But what I wanted to convey — and hope I did — is that for all his damage, Sean is a very decent, understanding man. And for all of his anger, he knew in his heart that Krista was played just as badly as he was by the masterminds who framed him. While that doesn't exactly make initially receptive to her or the intense feelings he has for her, he knows in his heart that she didn't set out to hurt him or railroad him. I think that undeniable truth, in addition to her unyielding determination to make the real bad guys pay for what they did to him and the other victims, creates the crack that eventually allows him to open up to her. 

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