Author Interview With Kat Martin

Bestselling author Kat Martin welcomes us into her world of romances in this special author interview. Get an insider look at the making of the contemporary romances in her latest series, her writing process and what we can expect from this fantastic author next!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: The books in your current series, the Against Trilogy, are contemporary romances set in Wyoming. Was it difficult to switch from your last trilogy, a historical romance, into the world of the contemporary West?

Kat Martin: Actually, though all of the Raines brothers were born in Wyoming, only the first book,Against the Wind, is set there. The other two brothers, Gabe and Dev, have moved away, Gabe to Dallas and Dev to Scottsdale, Arizona. The switch from historical to contemporary turned out to be easier than I expected. Over the years, I had written ten contemporaries, two ghost stories, the rest romantic suspense. So I was just going back to the kind of writing I had dabbled in before.

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