Author Interview: Katie MacAlister Talks Dark Ones, Much Ado About Vampires And More — With Giveaway!

It's the second day of our month-long spotlight on Paranormal reads. And it seemed fitting that we bring you an insider's look at one of the genre's most popular series. Today Katie MacAlister chats with RT's Whitney about her ever-evolving Dark Ones series, the upcoming ninth novel set in that world, Much Ado About Vampires, and her career over the last decade. Don't miss your chance to go behind the scenes of Katie MacAlister's work with one of her biggest fans — and find out what you can expect from the author next!

WHITNEY SULLIVAN: In Much Ado About Vampires your heroine Corazon discovers that not only is she a reincarnated soul — but in her last life she was a vampire’s mate. Oh, and she’s seen him kill someone. This is not an easy (or baggage-free) way to start a relationship — so how did you know that Cora and this sexy bloodsucker were meant for each other?

KATIE MACALISTER: Cora is horrified by the events of the past, particularly by the fact that she was somehow bound to a man who was clearly a murderous fiend. What she doesn’t realize—and what I knew ahead of time—is that she was only a distant witness, emotionally separated from reality, and clueless about what she really witnessed. 

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GIVEAWAY ALERT: One lucky reader is going to win a giant paranormal prize pack! To enter tell us which part of the vampire legend you would hate to have. (RT's Whitney thinks it would be a bummer to live forever, and RT's Elisa says "I could never give up garlic!") Leave your idea in the comments below. The winner will be announced on Monday, October 31.