Author Interview: Mark Greaney On His Gray Man Series

Thriller author Mark Greaney's popular series introduces readers to the legendary covert operative Court Gentry, aka the Gray Man. The series third, Ballistic, was recently released and there are plans in the works to bring the adventure to the big screen. (Brad Pitt is on board to play the titular Gray Man.) Today we sit down with Greaney for a chat about his globetrotting spy, the research he does to bring the series to life and how the author feels about the film adaptation that is currently underway.

RT BOOK REVIEWS: Your spy, Court Gentry, is a living legend. What would he credit as a key to his success as a covert operative?

Mark Greaney: He would credit his ability to maintain a low profile until the moment of action — Gentry isn’t flashy — he tries his best not to draw attention to himself. Being the Gray Man means he moves through the world without anyone around him knowing he’s there. Not because of some supernatural power, but rather a keen sense of tradecraft that is practically applied. But even though he can slip into and out of situations unseen, things often “go loud,” and at that point his decades of battle-hardened training kicks in. He flips a switch inside and does what he has to do to survive. 

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