Author Interview: Mary Balogh Talks About The Secret Mistress and what's coming next!

Beloved author Mary Balogh writes sweeping Regency Romances that feature stories about all aspects of life during the era. This month, the author is treating readers to a prequel to one of her most popular series, the Mistress books, with this story about the sister of the original Mistress heroes, Angeline, and the man who wins her heart. Get all the details about The Secret Mistress and then don't miss your chance to find out what's coming next from this talented historical romance author.

RT BOOK REVIEWS: With this July’s The Secret Mistress you give your popular Mistress series a prequel, what prompted you to go back to the beginning?

Mary Balogh: The original Mistress books--More Than a Mistress and No Man's Mistress--were the stories of two brothers. But in both books there is a younger sister, Angeline, who is married to the Earl of Heyward. She is loud and self-contradictory and has atrocious taste in clothes, especially hats. She adores her brothers. Her husband is known to those two as a dry old stick, though both agree that the marriage was a love match. I had no intention of telling Angeline and Heyward's story until readers started to ask for it. Then, of course, I started to wonder myself. What lay behind the flamboyant outer appearance that is Angeline, Lady Heyward? And was Heyward just a dry old stick and no more? How did they meet? More to the point, how on earth did two such seemingly mismatched people come to fall in love? Eventually, after almost ten years, I had to write their book just to find out the answers myself. It is, of course, a prequel to the other two books and therefore shows the two brothers, Jocelyn, Duke of Tresham, and Lord Ferdinand Dudley, at an earlier stage in their lives.

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