Author Interview With Ridley Pearson


Mystery author Ridley Pearson has his hands full juggling four series for readers across all ages. And this month, in his latest release, In Harm's Way, the author brings together the heroes of his two adult series. RT's Assistant Web Editor Whitney Sullivan tracked Pearson down to ask about his newest thriller, his rock band and the author's busy schedule.

Whitney Sullivan: For your latest novel, you put both of your crime-solving heroes, Fleming and Boldt, In Harm’s Way. What was something unexpected about bringing these men together? 

Ridley Pearson: The act of bringing Sheriff Walt Fleming and Sergeant Lou Boldt together was unexpected. Boldlt "walked on" to the story without invitation. Barged into my outline. But when that occurred it seemed so obvious to me I wondered why I hadn't thought of it earlier. They compliment each other very well: Walt is outdoorsy and wise in the way of a woodsman, very good with people; Boldt is almost a criminologist in his methodical approach to investigation.

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