Author Interview: Sarah Sundin On Her Inspirational Novels

Inspirational author Sarah Sundin sits down with RT reviewer Linda Mae Baldwin to share an insider’s look at her latest novel, Blue Skies Tomorrow, how she researched her WWII-era characters and what’s coming next from the pen of this popular writer!

Linda Mae Baldwin: How did you end up writing fiction, especially Christian fiction? Does your pharmacy background affect your writing?

Sarah Sundin: I never considered a writing career. Instead I chose a career in pharmacy and chose to work on-call and stay home with our three children. Then in 2000, I had a dream with such intriguing characters that I felt compelled to write their story. That first novel will never be published, nor should it, but it got me started. I knew I had to write Christian fiction—God infuses my view of life, and I can’t imagine not having Him a part of my characters’ lives.

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