Author Interview With Sheri WhiteFeather

Author Sheri WhiteFeather chats with RT's Web Editor Morgan Doremus about the women who inspired her to write Private DancerThe pair also discuss reincarnation, Native American culture and what fans can expect next.

Morgan Doremus: In your latest book, Private Dancer, your main characters Beverly and Jay are a recently divorced couple that reconnect for a guiltless affair. However, since they care so deeply for each other, the no-strings-attached rule falls by the wayside pretty quickly. Do you think these two are fated to be together from the very start?

Sheri WhiteFeatherAbsolutely. That was a key ingredient in how the story was plotted. In spite of their divorce, they never really stopped loving each other. The idea was to give them a do over, but with a “soul mate” twist. By learning about unsolved conflicts from a past life, they were able to reevaluate their conflicts in this life. 

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