Author Interview With T. Greenwood

Known for her heart-wrenching mainstream fiction, author T. Greenwood's newest novel, This Glittering World, tackles the troubling issue of race relations between the Navajo people and the Americans they live amongst in Flagstaff, AZ. When a young Navajo man dies on Ben's front lawn, his search for answers leads him to re-evaluate his entire life. Now the author shares an insider look at This Glittering World in this in-depth interview!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: Where did the title This Glittering World come from? What does the title indicate about your story?

T. Greenwood: Much of this novel centers around the main character, Ben Bailey’s, relationship with a young Navajo woman whose brother, Ricky, he finds murdered in front of his home. In pursuit of justice for Ricky, he enters into a very new world, one which is foreign but captivating to him. In the Navajo creation myth (depending on which version you read), there are five “worlds”. I thought it would be interesting to divide the book into five sections, each named after one of these worlds. My understanding is that the Glittering World (or fifth world) is how the Navajo perceive our contemporary world…one which sparkles on the surface but can be deceiving. Each of the colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White and Glittering) metaphorically reflect what is occurring in the corresponding sections of the book.

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