Author Interviews Across The Genres AT BEA - With Giveaway!

Today RT Web Editor Morgan Doremus and RT Assistant Web Editor Whitney Sullivan caught up with four fan-favorite authors at the Book Expo of America: Debbie Macomber, Carla Neggers, Rochelle Alers and Beth Kephart.  Be sure to check out the GIVEAWAY at the end of the blog post!

Author Debbie Macomber was signing copies of her latest release Hannah's List. Even after Macomber ran out of books, fans were still lining up to meet her. The widespread appeal of Macomber's fiction is undeniable. One fan even exclaimed, "You can't personalize it - I have to share your books!"

After the signing was over, Macomber had a few minutes to answer questions with Whitney.

WS: What was something that was new, or different, while you wrote Hannah's List?

DM: There are portions of the story which are written in male first person point of view, which I've never done before.

WS: What is a detail of your next project that you are excited about?

DM: Well, my heroine Bethanne Hamlin, from A Good Yarn, will be featured in this story. As will the husband who left her - he wants to come back.

WS: Is there anything else you'd like your fans to know?

DM: The 10th anniversary of Cedar Cove is this September.

Midday, Morgan was able to meet up with popular Mira author Carla Neggers whose next book The Whisper is out in July. 

MD: You are best known for writing romantic suspense. What draws you to this genre?

CN: With romantic suspense, I really get the best of both worlds. I get to write a great love story and a pulse pounding suspense.

MD: When did you first know you loved suspense?

CN: I can remember climbing a tree as a little girl with a pen and paper in my hand ready to write my adventures. I lived out in the country with six brothers and sisters, so this was a great escape for me.

MD: It was just announced that you have a new five book deal you signed with your publisher. Any plans for these books that you can share?

CN: I am still brainstorming these stories. But I have been really thinking about the New England coast lately, so you might see a Maine setting. I just love the rocks and the ocean and how this mix of beauty and danger perfectly symbolizes what I write.

Morgan also got the chance to interview multicultural romance author Rochelle Alers.

MD: What do you like the most about writing romance?

RA: I love the positive characters. They have human problems with realistic solutions. This fantasy can help people forget about their own problems.

MD: What do fans usually say they like the most about your books?

RA: Definitely the families. Because I write books that are connected through family members, readers can really make connections with these characters.

MD: As a multicultural author do you think that there is a commonality of experience that all people have regardless of ethnicity?

RA: My next series with the Wainwright family which releases in November will definitely answer that question.

And finally, at the last autographing session of the day, Whitney spent a few minutes with Beth Kephart who was busy signing advanced reading copies of Dangerous Neighbors.

WS: You have one of the longest lines of people waiting for your signature. Why do you think your writing appeals to your audience?

BK: I never write down to any reader. I write stories that demonstrate great faith in their intelligence. I also put lots of thought into the way the stories and characters are crafted ... And my characters have a lot of soul. It's soul and not dumbing the language down.

WS: What is a detail that you know about the characters in Dangerous Neighbors that did not make it into the finished story?

BK: I had a character whose father was in the Eastern State Penitentiary. I was fascinated by the idea of silence there. I actually wrote several pages that didn't make it into end story, even though the character is still in the story.

WS: What can readers expect from you after Dangerous Neighbors?

BK: I am working on two other books. One, my first novel truly for adults and two, a manuscript I've been working on for ten years which takes place in Spain.


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