Author Jennifer Ryan Shares A Cowboy's Perfect Valentine's Day

Rough, tough and rugged, cowboys may not immediately scream "romance" (although, let's be honest, they definitely scream "sexy"), but author Jennifer Ryan thinks a cowboy makes the perfect valentine. Specifically Jack Turner, the hero of her latest contemporary romance, Saved by the Rancher. So how would this cowboy treat his special lady Valentine's Day? The author shares:

I love cowboys. This Valentine's Day, wouldn't you like one to show up at your door, a fistful of wildflowers, and smile all for you?

What is it that makes them so sexy? 

The butt-hugging jeans. Let's all take a moment to picture that. Ah, perfection. The rippling muscles from all that hard work. Another visual delight. The tan skin from working in the hot sun all day. Those rough work worn hands. Oh yeah! The way they wear a cowboy hat down low, so when they look at you it's from under the brim with a mysterious glint in their eyes. One sweep of his hot gaze over you makes you want to drag him under a tall tree, fall to the cool, shaded grass and kiss him until the cows come home.

Maybe it's the down-home charm. I love a sexy guy who, under all that rugged strength and grit, is deeply kind. One cocky half grin from him makes your stomach flutter.

My favorite cowboy is Jack Turner. He's not exactly your flowers and candy kind of guy, but after all he and Jenna have been through, he's that guy for her.

Since he owns the Stargazer Ranch and Stargazer lilies are Jenna's favorite, you can bet on Valentine's Day he's got a vase filled with them by the bed and Jenna in his arms when he wakes her with a scorching kiss. Oh, he might let her think the flowers and a hot morning romp complete his gift, but he's got plans to spend the day with her.

A late morning ride together on her favorite horse, Blue, takes them to the isolated lake and a picnic for two. Stretched out on a blanket, the beer and fried chicken lunch enjoyed and packed away, Jack's staring up at the puffy white clouds. The sun on his face, the woman he loves, safe and sound, beside him; it doesn't get better than this.

A leisurely ride home with Jenna plastered to his body in front of him in the saddle. Such sweet torture to hold her in his arms while he nuzzles her neck and kisses that sweet spot behind her ear. Anticipating the night to come, Jack's set the stage at home for her seduction.

Soft music, a candlelight dinner for two in front of a raging fire, champagne and Jenna's favorite double chocolate raspberry torte from Decadence.

Laughing and enjoying themselves, he surprises her and slides the small black velvet box across the table. Eyes alight with joy, she slips the green amethyst earrings on. They sparkle in the same shade as her beautiful eyes and the matching necklace he gave her months ago. The kiss she plants on him has him leading her upstairs. Waiting for her lying on their bed, he's ready to love her into the night and complete this perfect Valentine's Day. Should have known Jenna would turn the tables and give him a gift. She walks into the room wearing nothing but the jewelry he gave her, a seductive smile, and a brand new cowboy hat ... all for him. Yep, it doesn't get better than this.

- Jennifer Ryan

Want to find out how Jack and Jenna met? Saved by the Rancher, book 1 in the Hunted series is available February 26. Did the thought of that double chocolate raspberry torte from Decadence make your mouth water? So will Jack's identical twin brother, FBI agent, Sam Turner. He's a sucker for something sweet, especially when it's Decadence bakery owner, Elizabeth Hamilton. This couple's story, Lucky Like Us, will be available April 9. And to meet more great heroes and heroines, visit RT's Everything Romance Page.