Author Karen Kelley And Demon Destiny Talk Stealing Souls In Where There's Smoke

When your only shot at survival is stealing a soul, then it is best to get down to business. But just how do you go about reaping a soul? Author Karen Kelley's newest heroine Destiny from Where There's Smoke may not be the best person to ask since she is so new to the game. As a demon-in-training, Destiny has been saddled with a dark assignment: she can't return to hell unless she brings back one fresh soul with her. In today's guest post, the author shares a bit about Destiny and then the heroine herself explains exactly why she has targeted one good looking cowboy to seduce and lead back to the underworld (or at least that's the plan...)

Destiny is a wannabe demon, but what's a girl to do when she’s kicked out of Hell and only has a week to steal a soul — or else? And why did they tack on or else? She’s already been sent to Hell once. At least she was there. For Destiny there’s only one thing she can do, she heads straight for the sinfully corruptible looking cowboy sitting at the bar and let me tell you — all hell breaks loose!

There’s no way Destiny can know Chance Bellew is a nehilim. (And I’m not allowed to tell her so don’t look at me like that!) His agenda is totally different from hers. Chance is half angel/half man, the offspring of an angel who mated with a mortal woman. He’s an immortal, but he doesn’t live by the same rules as angels. In fact, he breaks most of the rules then makes new ones as he goes along.

Destiny is determined to get Chance’s soul one way or another so she can obtain full demon status and with it all the privileges that goes with the title, like the luxuries that were denied her in life. As a demon-in-training she’s been forced to work at the smelly old sorting station. There’s no drinking and definitely no sex allowed. Destiny told me that she misses sex more than anything.     

Just in case I’m ever down that way, I did ask Destiny how I might go about stealing someone’s soul and this is how she explained it to me in her own words ...


Hello Ladies,

So, you want to steal a soul. Let me tell you how it’s done. You have to seduce their soul away from them. I have the body to do it, too and I know how to use it. I’m a lethal weapon in a hot red dress. Men don’t stand a chance. Okay, I’m laughing at my joke — Chance? Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on the surface. I might be a little rusty. After all, I died in 1959.

If you want to steal someone’s soul then you need a game plan. After being kicked out of Hell, I admit the first few times I wasn’t quite prepared how to go about it. When I worked at the sorting station souls just showed up so I didn’t actually have to hunt one down. Now that I’m back topside, I’m discovering it’s not as easy as it looks — bummer.

The cowboy at the bar is proving rather difficult, too. Ahh, but he might just be worth it. I’ve always been a sucker for a man wearing a black cowboy hat and low riding jeans. His slow Texas drawl sends shivers of delight and anticipation all over me. Did Karen mention I really, really miss sex? Well, I do. It’s the only damn thing I did right when I was alive.

Sorry, I got caught up in the moment. Chance will return to Hell with me. He won’t be able to resist my charms. I’m a demon, you see. Well, almost a demon, but it won’t take me long to impress the lower down people in charge. Determination wins every time and I have lots of that. So ladies, if you want to grab a soul of your own, seduce it away from him. He’ll never know what hit him.


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