Author Kathy Lyons On How Her Dream Lover Was Born - With Exclusive Excerpt

Looking for a sinfully sexy read with a touch of paranormal? Then you won't want to miss Kathy Lyons' upcoming Dream Nights with the CEO.  After sharing a series of erotic dreams, will Meghan and her businessman boss Wyatt find they are perfect in real life? You'll have to download a copy of this delicious novel to find out if Meghan will be singing "Dream Lover Come Rescue Me..." But before you do, make sure to read the author's inspiration for this saucy tale along with an exclusive excerpt.

Raise your hand if you’re singing that song in your head right now. Me! Me! So shall I make a dirty confession? That song lyric got me thinking about... know I also write as Jade Lee, right? So it should be no surprise that my mind went into a rather scandalous direction. It actually went through lots of possible dirty scenes, then eventually ended up here: shared erotic dreams. But they’re not just erotic. The dreams have to have a purpose. Someone has to get rescued. Someone has to get vulnerable. Someone has to get naked. Oh wait, that last one was obvious.

In a fit of (lustful) inspiration, I created a B&B north of St. Louis where all sorts of people–strangers, friends, co-workers–would end up sharing their dreams. And because the two people would be perfect for each other, the dreams would wander into erotic territory.

Here’s what I didn’t expect: the shared dreams ended up being hilarious. I don’t know if it’s because I have a thing for Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man or just that a comic book theme worked with this particular hero and heroine. Don’t know, don’t care. Whatever the reason, every dream sequence ended up being hilarious. Even the ultra-hot ones had some laugh out loud moments. Well, at least they did for me.

I’m not going to say more. I’m going to show you with this exclusive excerpt. Click HERE. Tell me that didn’t make you laugh. Or better yet, just tell me I have a twisted sense of humor. Both could be true! The extended back cover copy is below.

- Kathy Lyons

Dream Nights with the CEO

Megan Bradford has been dreaming of a hot superhero, and the content has definitely gone X-rated. But when she realizes she’s been dreaming about her boss, millionaire Wyatt Monroe, her real life takes a turn for the bizarre. How can she write spreadsheets with him in the morning while remembering a midnight fantasy so hot that she’d practically melted the sheets?

Wyatt’s business is in a precarious position as he negotiates to add a new B&B to his hotel chain. Having dream sex with his assistant is a distraction he can’t afford. When he discovers they’ve been having the SAME dreams, fantasy and reality collide. He’s a man who likes everything in neat compartments, but Megan has a way of bleeding into every aspect of his life.

But their shared dreams aren’t just about hot sex. They point to key answers in their real lives. Megan gains a new understanding of her mother. Wyatt finds the courage to break out of his cold, business world. Everything is just starting to work out when Megan discovers that she’s pregnant. Suddenly what has been nighttime fun—awake and asleep—has become all too real.

Can they find a way to make it work professionally? Personally? Of course they can! Wyatt engineers a reconciliation with Megan’s family, and the baby is exactly what Wyatt needs to commit to a world beyond his corporation. Megan has the man she’s always wanted. And Wyatt learns she fits in perfectly in every aspect of his life – business, home, awake, and in his dreams.

Dream Nights with the CEO releases May 27, but it is already available for pre-order now! But if you need your spicy romance fix immediately, click to our Everything Romance Page to learn about newly released stories that will have you swooning.