Author Q&A: Christine Feehan Talks Dark Wolf — Plus A Giveaway!

Christine Feehan fans — and we know there are a lot of 'em — have been waiting with bated breath for Skyler’s story. And it’s finally here, with the RT Top Pick! rated Dark Wolf. In this exclsuive interview, Christine talks Skyler, what it’s like writing the 25th book in a series and more. And we’re also giving away 3 hardcover copies of the book! Read through for details.


Your fans have been waiting for Skyler to be old enough to have her own story. Why do you think readers have grown so attached to her and what does it mean to you to be able to tell her story?

I think the readers are attached to Skyler because she was introduced as a child and had such a terrible childhood; they wanted a happy ending for her. I was very excited to tell her story because I honestly didn’t think I would be able to. It has been 10 years in the making. The anticipation and build up was so huge it was rather daunting. I was glad the 1st book in the trilogy came to me.

How does Skyler differ from your previous heroines?

She is a lot younger and extremely powerful. None of the Carpathians realized her power or strength.

What is the most rewarding part about Skyler and Dimitri's relationship? Is there a particular scene that is a defining moment for them?

It felt like love, like a really beautiful love story while writing it. The most defining moment to me was when she becomes bound to him.

Dark Wolf is the 25th book in the series. How has your writing process changed over the course of the series?

With every book I try to get better with my writing. Because the series is so large, I have to keep a white board to keep history, rules and characters straight.

How has the paranormal romance landscape changed since you first launched the series?

It’s everywhere now. It’s in T.V. shows, movies, mysteries. It’s crept into different genres and created subgenres.

What can readers expect to see in the next book, Dark Blood?

It is the conclusion of the trilogy. It’s all six couples but the focus is on Branislava and Zev and their story. They are interesting and quite a passionate couple.

Dark Wolf is out now, in stores and online. And we’ve got three copies to giveaway! Readers can enter below. For more paranormal goodness, don’t forget to visit our Everything Paranormal page. 

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