Author Q&A: Jennifer L. Armentrout Talks Supernatural, Opposition And How To Date A Luxen

One of the best parts about attending conventions is getting to catch up with authors. While at the RWA Annual Conference in San Antonio, Elisa caught up with one of our favorites, Jennifer L. Armentrout. Check out the interview below where Jennifer and Elisa discuss online personalities, Opposition, writing a series and the possiblity of more Luxen books!

Elisa Verna: You have a really awesome blog. I really loved the post where you told your life story in Supernatural GIFs. That was so perfect. I know for me personally, if an author has a really interesting online personality, I’m more inclined to read their books. Do you think you have gained any readers from stuff you’ve done online that maybe isn’t necessarily directly related to your books?

Jennifer L. Armentrout: Yes, I think I have probably gained more readers from indirect marketing than direct marketing just from being online and sharing, for example, the GIFs of Supernatural, or you know I did a random pictures of Theo James. ... I’ve literally had people come up to me and say to me that they didn’t know who Theo James was until I introduced him to them. Somebody needs to let Theo James know that, so we can connect …. But no, I do, I think people see your personality and think, “Oh, I bet, if I like this, I’ll like your books.” Also, at conferences, I do a panel, and I’ve had so many people come up to [me] and say, “I love your personality, I love what you say, I’m going to read your books.” I do think yes, it’s a form of indirect marketing that you may not even realize you’re doing, that you’re just having fun, and people see that and are like “I actually like you, I’m going to go see what you’re doing.”

EV: With Opposition coming out, what do you think the most challenging part about writing that story was?

JLA: I think the most challenging part was the fact that it was the last book. I think with, when you’re writing in a series [you] always have one more book to be better. I always feel like you haven’t written your best book yet, that’s my personal mantra. And when you’re in a series, it’s like the last book is it. There’s no do overs, there’s no making up for something. You feel this overwhelming pressure to make everybody happy, even though you know that no matter what there’s going to people who are just not going to be happy . So it’s that pressure of it being the last book. That is really hard.

EV: Most rewarding part about writing Opposition?

LJA The end.

EV: Being done with the book?

JLA: Being done with those people! No, I think anytime you finish a series, you literally have created and ended a world.

EV: You made a world!

JLA: Yeah, And now you’re coming to the end. So, I think that’s the most rewarding [part], that you followed through from the beginning and you hope it made cohesive sense all the way through.

EV: Do you have any plans to revisit the Lux world?

JLA: I know I could spin the series off. I mean, obviously there’s Luke that I could spin off on because he’s younger in this book and he could get older. But, I mean, right now, no immediate plans because I’ve been in that world now for three years, and I’m ready to let it go for a while.

EV: Do you have a lot of people who are like, “Oh but can you keep doing it?”

JLA: Yes, I mean there are a lot of people who not happy with this being the last book. Most YA series are six or seven books, but I think I need to step away from it for a while because it’s just not fresh for me anymore.

EV: Yeah, you’d rather it not get stale.

JLA: I’ll never say never — I mean, if the movie option goes through I’ll be like, “Okay! Let’s do this!”

EV: Katy and Daemon have been through a lot over the course of the series. In three to five words each, can you describe their relationship at the beginning and at the end of their journey?

JLA: I hate you. And at the end: Let’s make sweet lovin’! It’s got to be l-o-v-i-n apostrophe!

EV: A True romance. What advice do you have for anyone dating a Luxen?

JLA: Um, get used to everyone checking out your significant other, because they’re very attractive and people are going to be checking them out all the time. So if you’re a jealous person, you may not want to go with one of them.

Opposition is available now and look for Jennifer's next New Adult novel, Stay With Me, written as J. Lynn, on September 23. For more interviews with your favorite YA/NA authors, check out our Everything YA page.