Author Q&A: Margaret Stohl Talks Idols

Margaret Stohl is no stranger to the YA spotlight. In addition to co-authoring the bestselling Beautiful Creatures series and the new spin-off series, Dangerous Creatures, Margaret has also struck out on her own with her Icons series. The second in the series, Idols, releases today and to celebrate, we have an exclusive Q&A with Margaret. Take a look:

Describe Idols in five words.

Heart-bruising-pounding-breaking. Aliens. Elephants. Vision-quest. Thailand.

What can readers expect to learn in the book?

Readers will learn that every love story is also a hate story and vice versa. So I guess to look for the one in the other. Readers will learn to start plotting their trips to Thailand immediately, and I hope going to volunteer in elephant preserves. Learning to give an elephant a bath was one of the most exquisite moments of my life. And I hope readers will learn that emotional relationships change and grow, just like characters and in fact people. We can't help it, none of us. 

Which character has surprised you the most over the course of writing the series?

Ro, the boy who only knows rage, and who comes to learn that the urge to love is something even more powerful than the need to destroy. There's nothing I love better than that Frankenstein encountering the little girl moment. When the preciousness of life and love appears as a surprise, out of the raging creature we all can be.

How has your writing process changed since you first began writing? How has it remained the same?

Icons and Idols are always very special to me, a sort of emotional memoir. They've always come to me almost like an unconscious writing exercise, very raw, straight from the gut. I honestly just let the stories flow; in this series, it's often much harder to get them to stop. 

I was recently surprised to learn that middle school boys are some of my most devout Icons series fans, until I realized that the things that I run from in my dreams are probably the same that they do. The end of the world. The loss of my family. Aliens and monsters. My subconscious life belongs in an Avengers comic book, or at least an Icons one!

What are you currently reading and what's next on your TBR list?

I'm reading Kami's ARC of course, as soon you all should be! I just finished an ARC of the second book in Richelle Mead's Age of X books, and they're absolutely brilliant. I have been trying to pry the sequel to Frozen out of Melissa de la Cruz's hands. My friends are all geniuses. When I get my hands on Lev Grossman's third Magicians book, and Deborah Harkness’s series finale, I think I will die of joy, just like the rest of you guys! XOXO


Idols is out now, so grab your copy today! And for more author interviews, books and buzz, visit our Everything YA page!