Author Robin Covington And Her Husband Talk Romance

Romance author Robin Covington had an interesting conversation with her husband (aka "The Main Man") about where she gets her ideas and inspiration for her books, including her most recent release A Night of Southern Comfort. We're glad she shared it with us — and you — because while this author is making a name for herself in romantic suspense, she also knows how to make us laugh!


So ... it isn’t easy being with a woman who writes romance novels. The Main Man and I have been married for 18 years (we married when I was 5-years-old) and he is immensely proud of my writing but we both work as attorneys in a conservative environment where many people are a little surprised/shocked when they discover that I write “those kinds of books”. And while they hesitate to ask me about where I get my ideas and my inspiration, they don’t bat an eye at asking him.

So, when he returned recently from a night at our local pub, we had the following conversation:

The Main Man: So, the guys were talking about your book tonight.

Me: Really? How did that come up?

The Main Man: Well, actually they started reading the first scene with an app on someone’s phone. You know the one with the bar pick-up and sexy, explicit one-night-stand?

Me: Yeah, I wrote it. I vaguely remember that scene.

The Main Man: Well, they asked me where you get your inspiration.

Me: You told them it was you, right?

The Main Man: They didn’t believe me.

Me: Morons. You should have set them straight on that fact.

The Main Man: I didn’t want them to be intimidated.

Me: Good call.

The Main Man: So, I need something to tell them. People ask me all the time. They want to know where you get your inspiration.

Me: Well, I usually start with photos. I’m a visual person so I find photos and put them on my inspiration wall in my office.

The Main Man: The one with the half naked guys all over it?

Me: That’s the one! So, I find a guy who evokes my hero and I’m off and running. For Jackson Cantrell, I used Joe Manganiello – you know Alcide on True Blood. He’s in my top five.

The Main Man: Yeah, yeah. You know if he shows on the doorstep looking for you, it’s done, right? That guy is huge. I’ll just wave goodbye and keep my teeth.

Me: That’s a good idea because if he ever does show up, you’ll need your teeth to find a new wife. Hey — you can go after one of your top five!

The Main Man: I’m sure I can Google to find out where Helen Hunt is living.

Me: Or buy one of those Hollywood celebrity maps.

The Main Man: So, you have the pictures which give you an idea of how they look but how do you think up all the hot scenes in your books? How do you think up your sexy characters?

Me: I read Cosmo.

The Main Man: Really?

Me: Yes. And I watch movies, read lots of romance novels, online magazines. Listen to music. I make playlists for all of my books and the characters have songs that evoke their personalities and backstory to me. I never know where my next idea for a book or a hot couple will come from. But, I have to say that Cosmo is my number one resource. It’s fun, sexy, contemporary and very naughty. Just like my books.

The Main Man: So the subscription bill is for research?

Me: As far as you know.

Hopefully, the Main Man is now armed with awesome answers for when those questions come up in the future. And they will, because I’m not finished writing sexy, naughty, fun romance!

- Robin Covington

Robin's latest romantic suspense, A Night of Southern Comfort, is available now! For more from your favorite romance authors, visit our Everything Romance Page!