Authors Gena Showalter And Jill Monroe Team Up For A Non-Fic Project

Authors Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe are teaming up for a non-fiction project. Titled, Immortelle, this magazine-style non-fic will focus on comprehensive dating advice for the modern woman. What's the twist? It's written "as if hot, otherworldly men were actually living among us."

The authors, who are best friends, started with the desire to create a "magazine for mortals and immortals alike" and took the project from there ... So, what does a magazine for that niche audience actually look like? Co-author Gena Showalter says, expect Immortelle to be "a mix of Cosmo, Redbook and Oprah." But readers can expect a bit more than advice. Between the pages there will be how-to's, top ten lists, quizzes and even ads.

"If you’re wanting to prepare a romantic meal for your angel or your demon, we’ll tell you what to cook and what to wear. Same with your vampire, werewolf, ghost and other creatures of 'myth.' But no worries, it all applies even if you’re not dating an immortal. Because, really. Everyone’s dated a flesh and blood male and thought, at some point, that the guy shared the same traits as a vamp or a werewolf (or sadly, even a zombie)."

If you need dating advice with a little something extra, don't despair - Immortelle will hit stores in September 2011.