Baldacci's King & Maxwell Mystery Series To Become CBS TV Show!

Bestselling author David Baldacci's long-running King & Maxwell series is slated to be produced by Shane Brennan's CBS TV Studios-based production company. Brennan, who has worked with CBS for several years, is taking a hands-on approach to the adaptation of the P.I.s Sean King and Michelle Maxwell.

Readers first met King and Maxwell in 2003's Split Second, when the ex-Secret Service agents opened up shop as Private Investigators and has a reputation for cutting straight to the heart of cases that are too sensitive for standard law enforcement agents. Next came Hour Game and Simple Genius in 2004 and 2007, respectively.

Back in 2009 the team was called in to help unravel a murder and kidnapping case that involves the daughter of President of United States in First Family. The novel received 4 1/2 stars from RT reviewer Sandra Garcia-Myers who raved, "Baldacci's latest intense and action-packed thriller has an intricate plot that pulls readers right in and keeps them guessing. But the real pleasure here are Sean and Michelle, who pull no punches in carrying out their investigation ..." 

Producer Shane Brennan, who is behind NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles will be bringing these characters to life. Brennan not only heads the production company, he will also be involved in the writing process! Brennan told that due to the number of episodes in a season — normally 22-24 — they will be writing more about the sleuths than Baldacci has currently penned but that, “... we will be very true to the mythology of the characters he created.” And the author himself had volunteered to be involved in the process of transitioning his characters into television. (Another fun detail about the adaptation? The production company has tentatively announced that the television series will keep the name King & Maxwell.)

So what are we thinking about this news? RT's Whitney is looking forward to the show. She says, "I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an ensemble cast that will rival Brennan's naval-crime dramas, which I love. I'm picturing these two sharp-witted detectives backed by a staff of intriguing secondary characters. Plus it sounds like there will be ample opportunity for romance among the murder and mayhem that Maxwell and King encounter during their cases!"

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Want to catch up with King and Maxwell before they hit the big screen? The fifth novel in the series, The Sixth Man, hit stores this spring. And of course, for the latest genre news and an insider's look at recent releases be sure to check out our Everything Mystery Page!