Baltimore Is For Book Lovers This Weekend

Calling all book lovers! If you’re anywhere near Baltimore this weekend, you’re going to want to come on down to the Baltimore Book Festival.

“It’s a huge, three-day, major event each year that brings together a wide array of authors,” says paranormal author Laura Kaye, who organized the romance section of the festival with the Maryland Romance Writers. “There really is something for everyone. There’s nonfiction, a huge cooking stage — everything from children’s to erotica.”

Maryland Romance Writers had a blast at the 2011 Baltimore Book Festival

At the free event, being held September 28 - 30, fans can attend workshops and demonstrations, meet authors, take pictures and purchase books. Reality TV fans (ahem, us included) will be excited to meet Real Housewife Teresa Giudice, while fictions fans will swoon over Emily Giffin and Laura Lippman. Romance and YA are also widely represented, with Megan Hart, Jennifer Armentrout, Rebecca York, Shannon Hale, Natalie Standiford, Hope Tarr and more all scheduled to attend.

“It’s like a book lover’s best dream,” Megan Hart told us about the event. “It’s amazing. So many authors, books, free stuff. Plus sprinkles!”

Indeed, Kaye told us that last year one of the most popular workshops at the romance stage was “Chocolate in Romance.” “We did readings from a variety of different books that involved chocolate,” Kaye told us, “And we had a tasting, with four different chocolatiers in Baltimore participating. It was so much fun.”

This year, thanks to 50 Shades mania, Kaye thinks the romance tent will be especially crowded during the erotica panel. A large crowd is also expected during the editors and agents panel. “Readers are invited to submit the first page of their manuscript for critique,” Kaye says, and she hopes many brave beginning writers will attend.

Of course, Kaye adds, since the Maryland Romance Writer’s began participating in the festival three years ago, the romance tent has always been packed. “The festival organizers were totally blown away at the attendance, enthusiasm and excitement generated by the romance tent,” Kaye says, singing a song romance fans are awfully familiar with. “They just weren’t aware with how much reader interest there really is in romance.”

Regardless of your preferred genre, there’s plenty for all booklovers to do at the festival. “The festival is such a great opportunity for readers to meet the authors they love. The schedule is designed so readers have lots of access over the weekend,” Kaye says.

And the authors are excited too. “I love meeting new people and finding out about great new books, meeting my favorite authors and generally just the entire atmosphere created by other people who love reading,” says Hart.

We can’t wait!

More information about the free event can be found on the Baltimore Book Festival website. And you can meet more authors from across the genres at the 2013 RT Convention in Kansas City! For more romance check out our Everything Romance Page!