Barnes and Noble To Split Up Its YA Novels

Barnes & Noble announced that the company will be changing the way that it shelves the YA section of its stores, reported Publishers Weekly earlier this week.

The teen fiction that Barnes & Noble carries will now be separated so that two popular sub-genre, paranormal romance and fantasy and adventure, will be have their own shelves within the larger YA section. Additionally, stores displays will now include the top 10 teen fiction best-sellers as well as a selection of spotlighted YA reads. 

The company's V-P of Children's Books, Mary Amicucci spoke with Publishers Weekly, in article on October 21st, about how the change to the company's YA section set-up is purely cosmetic. The actual size of the section will stay the same in all of the stores. So what prompted the move? Amicucci says, "It's really about improving the customer experience."

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Do you think that breaking out the YA sub-genres will improve your shopping experience?