To Be Or Not To Be (In Print)?

With the popularity of e-book publishing, I often speak with newly signed authors who are ecstatic about their digital deals. The electronic "presses" are making it easier than ever for aspiring authors to find homes for their books. However, traditionally published authors (i.e. those published in print), are complaining that because of the new model of e-book sales, their contracts are suffering.

This week the Wall Street Journal reported:

"Priced much lower than hardcovers, many e-books generate less income for publishers. And big retailers are buying fewer titles. As a result, the publishers who nurtured generations of America's top literary-fiction writers are approving fewer book deals and signing fewer new writers. Most of those getting published are receiving smaller advances." Read the full article here.

So where do you stand on the e-book debate? Do you think that these digital deals will ultimately be good for authors or bad?