Be A Part Of The Novel: Live - UPDATED!

The sensational folks behind The Novel: Live (thirty six authors, six days, one co-written novel) are offering us the chance to get involved — again.

Back in October thirty six authors — including such big names as Julia Quinn, Elizabeth George, Deb Caletti and Susan Wiggs — worked together to create a single novel. They did this over the course of six days, writing in front of an audience and taking their suggestions, to raise money for literacy. Amazing, right? That line-up impressive as someone who doesn't even like speaking in public I can't imagine being able to put together an entire story in front of an audience!

The resulting novel from this charity event will be e-published by Open Road Media this May. And I am positively rabid to get my hands on this story, I mean, look at the authors involved. But before the book can hit digital bookshelves, these authors need our help with one more thing ... naming the book.

I could go on for days about how cool this is. But the group's Facebook page says it best with this graphic:

I know, pretty impressive, right? 

If you are still a little lost about why these authors got together, you can check out their website. (Honestly, the funny author videos on their homepage make the site worth visiting even if you aren't confused.) There you can learn more about the authors who participated and the funds for literacy that the story's creation is benefiting.

If that's not enough to get your creative juices flowing in a title-creating direction, don't worry. There's still more The Novel: Live action over at their Facebook page. If you want to know what the story is about before you make suggestions, you can read the first chapter of the project here. And in the grand tradition of Facebook wall posts, in addition to leaving your own prospective title, you can support other peoples' titles (or get inspired by them) here

So put on your thinking cap and start posting your title suggestions! It could be your words on the cover of this story written by so many amazing authors. All you have to do is submit a title >>

BLOG UPDATE 1/27/2011: Don't miss your chance to vote on which of the top three prospective title suggestions should be the winning title. Vote here >>