BEA 2011: Spotlight On YA Authors

Today we continue our coverage of BEA with a spotlight on some great Young Adult authors who attended this year's conference. 

We got a chance to ask some of our favorite YA authors to share their heroines' (and a special hero) tips for dealing with adults. First we chatted with Kady Cross, Julie Kagawa and Maria V. Snyder at the Harlequin booth.

Maria V. Snyder said that her heroine's tip for dealing with adults is, "before replying take a few seconds and fully formulate a response."

While Julie Kagawa's heroine Megan suggests that when it comes to interacting with authority figures, "Never enter with them into a contract. And be polite."

And Kady Cross (who readers may know as the Regency romance author Kathryn Smith) says that when confronted with adults with agendas, kick-butt heroine Finley Jayne's golden rule is, "Hit them!"

Next we caught up with a few more of our favorite YA authors at the convention as they signed books for fans. First, David Levithan's latest hero advises that when it comes to adults, "Listen to them. Don't discount their advice just because they are your parents."

And then Maggie Stiefvater, author of the paranormal Wolves of Mercy Falls series told us that her heroine, Grace, suggests "Be logical ... step out of the situation" and try to see what is really going on with the adult you are talking to.

And then Sara Shepard, who is best known for her series which has been adapted into ABC Family's TV series Pretty Little Liars, shared the dueling advice of the separated twin sisters from her newest novel, The Lying Game. Good girl Emma who has lived most of her life in foster care suggests, "Fly under the radar, don't make waves." But missing Teen Queen Sutton? She says, "Adults are not to be trusted!"

For more tales about teens, be sure to check out our Young Adult page. You can also follow our BEA coverage; we focused on technology on Monday, Romance on Tuesday and tomorrow we interview bestselling historical romance author Julia Quinn!