BEA 2012: Contemporary Romance Authors Share What Makes Their Heroines Great!

There’s nothing quite like relaxing into a contemporary romance and losing yourself in someone else’s trauma and triumphs. At BookExpo America 2012 we got a chance to spend time with several of our favorite authors of modern day love stories and get a behind the scenes glimpse at their latest heroines. Carla Neggers, Susan Mallery and Robyn Carr all weighed in when we asked each author to answer, “What is a skill that your latest heroine has which you are jealous of?” See what they had to say …

During Harlequin’s contemporary romance author signing, Carla Neggers shared with us that the heroine of her latest contemporary release Secrets of the Lost Summer, Olivia Frost, is a talented drawer and graphic designer, and the author wishes this was a skill she shared with her heroine. If you want to learn more about Olivia and her story, Morgan and Whitney Dished about Secrets of the Lost Summer back in February, which you can read here.

Seated beside Carla Neggers at the Harlequin booth was fan favorite Susan Mallery. Mallery said that the heroine of her latest heartwarming romance, Summer Days, has a very unique skill that the author envies: she can make cheese! In addition to being an all-around great cook, heroine Heidi Simpson lives on Castle Ranch with her grandfather, where she crafts delicious cheese from goat’s milk. Summer Days is the seventh in Mallery’s popular Fool’s Gold series, and will be followed by Summer Nights in June and All Summer Long in July!

We also got a chance to catch up with Robyn Carr while she signed copies of her latest Virgin River book, Sunrise Point. Carr says that she respects that her heroine Nora is a can-do single mother who will do whatever it takes for her children. When it comes to what element of Nora’s personality Carr wishes was part of her personality, the author answered quickly that it’s Nora’s ability to be “relentlessly optimistic.”

But Nora wasn’t the only heroine that Carr gave us a look at, she also gave us a sneak peek at Angie, who is the heroine of October 2012’s My Kind of Christmas. So what is it about Angie that Carr loves? Carr told us it’s simple. Her newest character is “a brainiac, a medical student trying to change her life” and if the author was forced to say exactly what skill of Angie’s she wishes she had, it is that this October leading lady is simply, “brilliant and mature.”

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