BEA 2012: How To Publish With Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing And CreateSpace

This year at BookExpo America one of the newest publishers on the block — Internet giant Amazon — was making waves. Not only were they all over the showroom floor, accessible to readers and authors alike, during the convention Amazon’s indie publishing arm hosted a panel specifically for authors. During the seminar, Amazon Community Outreach Product Manager Thom Kephart gave writers a look inside of Amazon’s self-publishing ventures.

With so much going on at Amazon, it was great to get easy-to-understand breakdown of the two indie publishing services — CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing — and take a look at some of the perks of using the Amazon publishing tools.

Authors who have self-published with Amazon share their success stories with audience members at BEA 2012

So what is the fundamental difference between CreateSpace and KDP? Kephart explained that it’s very simple. CreateSpace is a tool that allows authors to self-publish print books. While KDP allows authors to self-publish e-books.

Kephart started the panel with a look at some of the many reasons that authors may want to opt for one of the retailer’s self-publishing, or what they call indie publishing, options. He explained that there are four prongs to the perks of using either Amazon’s CreateSpace or KDP options to get your book into the hands (or onto the e-readers) of book lovers.

1) These tools make it easy to publish your work and get it to readers.

2) Both CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing ensure that your work will always be in stock.

How does this work for each platform? Well, CreateSpace is a print-on-demand service. So when your book is purchased from Amazon it will be printed for the customer. You never have to worry about books being out of stock or backordered, they are always available! In comparison, KDP hosts your e-book online. From the moment that you complete the publishing process with KDP until you decide that you want to take the e-book off the Internet, it will always be in stock for readers to buy.

3) You reach a global audience.

In addition to being sold in the U.S., indie books will be available to readers in France, Italy, Spain and across the U.K. Both e-books and print books are available from these international Amazon stores. Although it is worth noting that this is a fairly new development in the distribution for Amazon’s self-published print books. CreateSpace expanded their distribution in May 2012.

4) You stay in control of the four key aspects of your work.

The content of your work

The rights to your work (Both CreateSpace and KDP offer non-exclusive agreements)

The price readers pay for your work

The distribution of your work

5) You earn what Amazon calls “unparalleled royalties” which are better than current publishing industry standards.

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Want to learn more about CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing? Check back tomorrow when we take a further look at these two publishing tools.

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