BEA 2012: We Check In With Historical Romance Authors James, Rodale, Hoyt and Elliott

Historical romance is always a popular reader genre and during BookExpo America 2012, the annual publishing conference in New York City, we got a chance to catch up with a few of our favorite authors to treat you to something special this season: an insider’s look at each authors' next hero. Eloisa James, Elizabeth Hoyt, Maya Rodale and Cara Elliott all weighed in when we asked each author to answer (honestly), “Why wouldn’t you let your sister date your newest historical hero?” See what they had to say …

Elizabeth Hoyt said that when it comes to her next hero, Winter, who stars in Thief of Shadows, the hero is not right for her sister for two reasons. “I know my brother-in-law and that would be weird …” And then the author continued that her sister would also not like the fact that, “Winter is a virgin at the start of the story."

Author Elizabeth Hoyt with RT's Morgan

Eloisa James responded that she would like her sister to be with James Ryburn, the pirate duke hero of The Ugly Duchess, which comes out in late August. Unfortunately, her sister is already married. But the author told us, “I think every woman needs a pirate!”

Author Eloisa James with RT's Whitney

Maya Rodale revealed that three things should keep her sister apart from the hero of her upcoming book Seducing Mr. Knightly. “One, my sister is only 15, so he’s old for her. Two, I’d want him for myself and three, he’s too much man for her …” But if Rodale’s sis were fifteen years older, it would be a tough call.

We also asked the author why she wouldn’t want her little sister dating the hero of her just-announced Avon Impulse e-novella, and the answer was quick: “She should save herself for a full-length romance!” (And the author said another concern would be the hero's "grabby" hands!)

Morgan, author Maya Rodale, Whitney and Elisa

Cara Elliott shared that even though she has three recent heroes, the men of her Hellhounds series who all frequent the gaming den The Wolf’s Lair, when it comes to who she wouldn’t want dating her sister, this is a really tough decision. She said, “I would let my sister date any one of them. Although Connor, Gryffin and Cameron are nicknamed 'The Hellhounds', they are really quite angelic — they are wonderful at heart and really... just waiting for the right woman.”

But if she had to make a choice about which she’d pair her sister up? Her answer was quick and succinct. “Gryffin, from Too Tempting To Resist, because he’s the most charming!”

Author Cara Elliott

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