Berkley To Launch New E-book Imprint

Berkley/NAL has just announced that they will be launching a digital imprint, InterMix, this coming January. Like Berkley, the e-book imprint will function like a mass market paperback line, and will feature both new titles and re-print some beloved classic series.

In January, InterMix is slated to release eleven titles by Nora Roberts, including two series that have never been published digitally before, the Cordina’s Royal Family and The Donovan Legacy. These stories will be priced at $6.99. And the month after that, the new imprint is set to re-launch the Signet Regency imprint. Six Signet Regency romances will be released in February, with three additional Signet Regency reprints released every month afterwards for the remainder of 2012. The company also announced that next April fans will see the release of a second batch of Nora Roberts books, including the MacGregor series as well as four titles from Jayne Castle’s Guinevere Jones series, which are currently out of print.

We were intrigued to learn that all of these classic reprints will be released with new cover art and interior designs. And although InterMix has said that they will be releasing works from new authors as well, they have yet to announce any new authors that are associated with the imprint. We're looking forward to seeing what fresh faces and other classic and out-of-print series InterMix will be bringing to our e-readers! For more on Berkley's new imprint, click here.

So we want to know, do you think $6.99 is an appropriate price for an e-book? What are you willing to pay for your favorite re-released classics?