Bestselling Self-Published Books: February 2014

So many self-published titles are released each and every day, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time — and your cash. As always, your RT Web Team is here for you, to help make sense of it all. We've scoured several online book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and more, as well as bestseller lists, to put together the bestselling fiction titles of the month that caught our eye. Get your TBR list ready!


The Private Club: Three Days by JS Cooper and Helen Cooper

Genre: Contemporary Short Story

Release date: February 2014

The story: You may recognize JS and Helen from last month’s self-pub bestseller list, for their über-popular Ex Games series. The Private Club is a three-part erotic serial, a spin-off of sorts, starring Meg, an unemployed lawyer looking for work. She meets the ubiquitous hero of this genre, the ‘handsome and elusive’ Greyson at her interview at The Club. Thinking she’s applying for a bartending job, Meg learns she’s in for so much more. As her connection with Greyson grows, as do her questions about the true nature of the club. At a short 67 pages, don’t expect to get too many answers, but never fear, those savvy Coopers have already released the second entry, The Private Club: Two Days.

Buy it: The digital version is 99 cents on Amazon and B&N.


Cover of Ignite by R.J. lewis

Ignite by RJ Lewis

Genre: New Adult

Release date: January 2014

The story: If you’re looking for some angsty New Adult, consider giving Ignite a try. It’s the story of Sara and Jaxon, who embark upon your typical good girl, bad boy NA relationship. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We can’t get enough ourselves.). Things fall apart and Sara stone cold dumps Jaxon, only to have to return to town five years later. As you might guess, complications ensue! There’s a cliffhanger ending here that has some online reviewers in a tizzy (we feel their pain) but the next title, Burn is already out!

Buy it: The digital version is 99 cents on Amazon.


The Arrangement 13 by HM Ward

Genre: New Adult

Release date: February 2014

The story: This 13th (!) installment in Ward’s Arrangement series stars the Ferro family’s Sean and his on-again-off-again love Avery. They meet when Avery’s down on her luck, big time. She agrees to be a call girl and Sean is her first client. (We know.) Balancing her new … career? … her relationships with Sean and her friends keeps Avery in constant tumult. In this 13th novella, Ward gives a glimpse into Sean’s POV as they deal with the fallout of Sean’s proposal-turned-bloodbath. Expect an insane ending. (We’re going to have to stop working for the rest of the day to get caught up … you don’t mind, do you?)

Buy it: $2.99 on Amazon, B&N and Kobo.


Cover of Knight in Shining Suit by Jerilee Kaye

Knight in Shining Suit by Jerilee Kaye

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: February 2014

The story: This contemporary first made a splash on Wattpad, and has made its way to e and paper, to the delight of fans everywhere. It’s the story of scorned and ye— only Astrid’s ex is the groom, and the date is the day Astrid was supposed to marry the two-timer. Instead of heading for the hills like we totally would, Astrid hires smoking hot bartender (aren’t they all?) Ryder to play the part of a wealthy, insanely-in-love-with-her suitor. Her family buys the act, but then Astrid starts to wonder if it’s an act after all …

Buy it: Paperback for $14.99 on Amazon & B&N. Ebook for $3.49 at Amazon, B&N & Smashwords.


Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: January 2014

The story: We feel like maybe we just have to tell you the tagline for this book: “It was either the strip club or the tattoo parlor … she should have chosen the strip club.”

… you still there? This lengthy novel stars unemployed Iris, who’s new in Austin. She takes a job with the rude, impatient Dex Locke (we know), who also belongs to the same motorcycle club as her estranged father. Drama and sexiness ensues, though you probably could have guessed that.

Buy it: $2.99 at Amazon, B&N and Kobo.

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