A Big Move For Debbie Macomber!

Debbie Macomber is moving, but not out of Port Orchard, Washington. The author is changing publishing houses. Starting in 2012, Macomber will be releasing six new novels with Ballantine Bantam Dell!

Readers need not worry, Macomber's new publisher is devoted to keeping the same small town charm of her previous novels. “The values of family, community and service are integral elements of Debbie Macomber's storytelling, which are cherished by her readers and admired by her peers,” says Theresa Zoro, the director of publicity at Random House which owns Ballantine Bantam Dell. 

The first three of these six books will hit shelves in 2012, with Ballantine planning to publish three Macomber novels the following year. The even better news is that Macomber will be starting a new series set in Port Orchard, Washington — the inspiration for her popular Cedar Cove books!

So what does Macomber think about changing publishing houses? “After 28 incredible years in publishing I'm excited to begin a new exciting stage in my career. The innovative and impressive publishing team at Ballantine Bantam Dell will bring new opportunities and fresh ideas to my stories, allowing me to reach an even wider audience of readers.”

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BLOG UPDATE 10/6/2010: The author is reportedly going to get a seven figure sum for each of her upcoming novels with Ballantine.