Big Names In Short Stories - Authors Writing Series And Full Length Romance

Many beloved authors get their start writing the shorter format series romances. Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich and Jennifer Crusie are just a few of the writers that first left their mark on readers’ hearts in bite-sized stories. But for some of these storytellers, even after they’ve found success writing longer, stand-alone books (which are also sometimes known as single title works) they keep coming back to their series romance roots. And who can blame them? These novels are quick, fun romps at affordable prices. Today we’re taking a look at a few of the authors who are writing in both format and often going above and beyond to create stories of both lengths that deserve to be on your keeper shelf!


Lisa Renee Jones



If I Were You

When schoolteacher Sara goes to return items her neighbor Rebecca won in an auction, she finds that the woman has vanished. One of the items happens to be Rebecca's very erotic journal and as Sara searches the journal for clues, she finds herself immersed in Rebecca's intriguing art world.



Watch Me

Kicking off the author's new Stepping Up series, Watch Me follows TV producer Meagan Tippman must protect the dancers on her TV show from becoming the victim of the "Curse" — a person determined to sabotage the show. With security head and ex-Special Forces soldier Sam Kellar by her side, can the two save the show?


No matter the length, Lisa Renee Jones gets readers' blood pumping with thrilling tales.


Alexis Morgan


My Lady Mage

Lady Merewen calls upon the magical Warriors of the Mist to help save her people from a cruel leader. Gideon and his warriors have a feeling that something much more dangerous is threatening Merewen's people, but will Gideon be distracted by Merewen's charm, or will he and the warriors complete their mission?


Savage Redemption

Recently released from jail, half human/half vampire Conlan Shea is shocked when Kat Kerr, the woman responsible for his imprisonment, shows up on his doorstep injured and in need of help. Conlan must help Kat prove her innocence when she's accused of a crime she did not commit, but will old sparks be rekindled in the process?


Magical warriors, vampires and beyond — no matter the supernatural creature, this author has a talent for writing fantastical stories.


Nicola Marsh


Not the Marrying Kind

Party planner Poppy Collins is well known for her secret side business throwing divorce parties. The "Divorce Diva" doesn't have plans to tie the knot any time soon. But when wealthy Beck Blackwood needs to get married fast in order to escape scandal, he's not afraid to use Poppy's secret to get what he wants — her as his wife.


Marrying the Enemy

Hearts are on the line in this tale of a CEO threatening to takeover a feisty jeweler's family mine. But when Ruby offers corporate hotshot Jax her hand in marriage in exchange for him backing off her property, Jax is willing to reconsider. The catch? Jax wants a marriage with benefits.


Couples finding love — and marriage — in unexpected places is a common theme in Marsh's writing.


Irene Hannon


Lethal Legacy

Kelly Warner is determined to prove that her father's suicide was really a murder and detective Cole Taylor takes interest in the case when Kelly mysteriously falls ill and lands in the hospital. When they discover Kelly is linked to a previous crime, can Cole protect her from further danger?


Finding Home

Single mother Cindy is struggling after her husband's death and when she meets contractor Scott, she realizes that the two share an undeniable bond. Cindy helps Scott with his financial issues and down and out grandmother, while Scott helps Cindy realize that with tragedy comes hope and new beginnings.


Whether it's a fast-paced suspense or a quaint contemporary, fans can't get enough of Hannon's uplifting stories.


Anna Leonard (aka Laura Anne Gilman)


Dragon Justice

Paranormal investigator Bonnie thinks she's in for a relaxing weekend in Philadelphia with her boss Ben — who she also shares a magical bond with. However, as soon as they arrive local authorities recruit them to take part in solving a string of unusual murders — only to discover that they're linked to a crime that spans centuries.


Shifter's Destiny

Josh Mustang is a unicorn shifter in search of a mate when he comes across sisters Libby and Maggie who are on the run after escaping their cult-like commune. Cult leader Ray wants to use Maggie for evil, but Libby is determined to keep her sister safe. Josh is ready and willing to help, even as he finds himself growing closer to Libby.


Supernatural heroes and heroines working together to escape danger — and find love — are the focus of many of Leonard's stand-alone books and category titles.


Do you prefer reading in short or long format or are you a fan of these authors’ works no matter the length? Let us know in the comments below. And if we missed one of your favorite series romance/stand alone authors be sure to tell us that too! For more great romances of all lengths, visit our Everything Romance Page.