Big Names In Short Stories - Authors Writing Series And Full Length Romance

Many beloved authors get their start writing the shorter format series romances. Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich and Jennifer Crusie are just a few of the writers that first left their mark on readers’ hearts in bite-sized stories. But for some of these storytellers, even after they’ve found success writing longer, stand-alone books (which are also sometimes known as single title works) they keep coming back to their series romance roots. And who can blame them? These novels are quick, fun romps at affordable prices. Today we’re taking a look at a few of the authors who are writing in both format and often going above and beyond to create stories of both lengths that deserve to be on your keeper shelf!

Meg Maguire


The Wedding Fling

Actress and bride-to-be Leigh Bailey has left her cheating groom at the altar and is headed out on her tropical honeymoon solo. Or, at least that's what she planned. When she meets resort pilot Will Burgess, she falls for the daring hero and her vacation starts to heat up! But when the trip ends, can their love survive tabloids, paparazzi and Leigh's celebrity lifestyle?



In an attempt to escape her overbearing parents, Libby Prentiss heads to New Zeland for a biology research trip. When she discovers her father has hired a "spy" to keep an eye on her, she's furious. But Reece Nolan is having troubles of his own, trying to keep his family's pub from going under. While Reece is calm and collected, his brother Colin is hot-headed — and Libby find herself caught between the two of them.


Whether her contemps feature celebrity protagonists or every day heroes and heroines, Meg Maguire's stories sizzle!


Catherine Mann


All or Nothing

Jayne Hughes made the mistake of falling head-over-heels for her bad boy billionaire husband Conrad. But after his undercover work for a large company put her life in danger, Jayne has had enough. But headstrong Conrad isn't letting her give up on their marriage that easily, and will do whatever it takes to ensure his wife's safety and win her heart all over again.


Dark Ops JAG Major Sophie Campbell is chasing an enemy, but this time the bad guy is one of her own: Major David Berg, a test director caught in the middle of a military trial. But David is convinced his unit isn't to blame, and together he and Sophie go searching for the truth, coming face-to-face with danger the more they dig. Originally pitted against each other, David can't help but want to keep the intriguing Sophie safe.

Between a contemporary romance laced with danger and a full-on romantic suspense, Alpha heroes dominate Mann's work!


Cynthia Eden


Alpha One

Navy SEAL turned special agent Logan Quinn has already saved Juliana James, a Mississippi senator's daughter, once. However, when the mission was over, so was the couple's relationship. But when Logan is told that Juliana has found herself in trouble again, the hero springs into action to help the woman loves. This time will he be able to reveal his true feelings?


Angel in Chains

Fallen Angel of Death Azrael is earthbound, stuck in the mortal world until he finds his way back to heaven. While wandering the streets of New Orleans, he saves human Jade from a threatening pack of panther shifters. But Jade is no stranger to supernatural danger, she's been fighting off demons sent by her jealous former lover. Azreal is still seeking redemption, but his feelings for Jade have him wondering if he can find heaven on earth.


If it's a thrilling Harlequin Intrigue or one of her scorching paranormal romances, Cynthia Eden always delivers a sexy, protective hero!


Heather Graham


Keeper of the Night

Musician Rhiannon Gryffald has recently moved to Los Angeles to take on the role of keeper of the vampires, not expecting new friend and actor Brodie Mac to secretly be an undercover Elven police office. The two realize that they're both investigating the same string of murders committed by vampires, and the killer might be closer to them than they first thought. Together they must take down the supernatural murderer in order to keep their city safe.


The Uninvited

History Professor Allison Leigh enjoys giving tours of the supposedly haunted Tarleton-Dandridge house — which holds a special place in her lineage, but when tour participants start dying, locals suspect a ghost from the house is to blame and FBI paranormal investigator Tyler Montague is called in to take care of business. As Allison and Tyler grow closer trying to solve the crimes, will they fall prey to a house that kills?



Paranormal romance with a hint of mystery is Graham's expertise, and who could say no to her hunky law enforcement heroes?


Tara Taylor Quinn


The Truth About Comfort Cove

Lucy Hayes and Ramsey Miller are both cops working on cases involving missing children. Lucy is trying to put her mother's rapist behind bars while also trying to find her missing baby sister, while Ramsey attempts to uncover the missing persons case of a young girl who disappeared more than 10 years ago. In order to uncover the truth about Comfort Cove, the two must join forces and get close in the process.


The Fourth Victim

Kelly Chapman is a psychologist and expert witness who has gone missing from her small Ohio town. FBI agent Clay Thatcher wonders if she's been called away for her testimony, or if she's become another victim of a vicious serial killer. Clay and other members of the town are worried, and as Clay learns more about Kelly, he realizes this is going to be more than just another missing persons case.



If you're on the hunt for an exciting mystery involving kidnapping persons, Tara Taylor Quinn's series and single titles are sure to satisfy!


Do you prefer reading in short or long format or are you a fan of these authors’ works no matter the length? Let us know in the comments below. And if we missed one of your favorite series romance/stand alone authors be sure to tell us that too! For more great romances of all lengths, visit our Everything Romance Page.