Bitten Recap: Episode 1.10 - "Descent"

In Bitten 1.10, “Descent,” Elena’s current meets the ex — only he doesn’t know he’s the ex. Awkward!

As Elena packs for her gallery show in Toronto, Clay wears major sad puppy face and assures her he had nothing to do with Jeremy’s edict that he go with her. Torn, Elena tells him that she’s been shacking up with Philip. Clay swears he won’t do anything to “undermine your life there.” He even takes off his wedding ring and puts it on the opposite finger. Sniffle! Downstairs, Nick gets a frantic call from Joey Stillwell, who managed to escape Mutt HQ.

Aw, Clay. Bless.

After a flight so fast they didn’t need a commercial break, Elena and Clay are at Logan’s. He ‘fesses up about his impending werewolf fatherhood. “I’m avoiding Pack Law,” he says, dismissing the idea of taking the baby from Rachel and raising it wolfy. He then shows them the rattle. “It’s gotta be Santos,” Clay concludes. Elena urges Logan to open up to Jeremy and seek the Pack’s protection. Meanwhile, Victor Olsen is parked outside, watching her and stroking a rabbit’s foot. Ew. Back inside, Logan tells Elena about Philip’s wolf video woes. “Great,” she scoffs. “Skinny-dipping with my cousin. ‘Cause that’s not weird at all!” Snark aside, Logan thinks it’s all connected. Elena hopes they can get to the bottom of things during her photography show, like a February sweeps episode of General Hospital.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy and Nick try to calm a freaked out Joey. (I’d have a tough time staying calm with those two in a room, but I digress … ) Freaky in a different way? Philip coming home and finding Elena and Clay together! (Protip: When packing for an overnight in a hotel room, don’t stop to chat.) Awkward interplay ensues as Elena introduces her men to each other, Philip offers their couch and Clay takes him up on it. “After all, you’re family,” says Phil, like this is the Olive Garden.



Elsewhere, Santos warns Victor that he can get revenge on Elena but he’s not allowed to touch her. (Good luck with that, Sparky.) Soon, night falls, and Elena has to watch Clay and Philip engage in some blatant dick measuring. She hugs some wine Olivia Pope-style and goes to bed while Clay scoffs at the tofu in her fridge. Apparently, having a big, hulking cousin sacked out on the couch makes Philip amorous. Elena’s like, “Um, can we not?” and Phil is instantly butthurt about it. In the living room, Clay studies the vodka campaign materials and checks out the video (with a side of tablet product placement), making note of the name “James Williams” on a Post-It.

Whose bacon is bigger? Er, better.

In the morning, Clay makes a giant breakfast and turkey bacon vs. real bacon becomes a metaphor for human sex vs. werewolf sex. Sadly, no one eats bacon at all, because Elena and Clay must head off to the gallery. (What a tragic waste!) At Stonehaven, Jeremy’s pancakes are far more welcome (he can pancake for me anytime) as he and Nick question Joey about his captivity and Victor.

Elena brings a box full of doughnuts to Diane, who understandably appreciates the beefcake that is cousin Clay far more. Elena not so subtly puts an end to the flirting as Clay and his mom jeans go help unload Rachel’s catering van. Clay promises Logan that he’ll protect Rachel as Logan leaves for New York and Jeremy. Speaking of Jeremy, he and Nick try to piece together Joey’s vague intel, and a suspicious Big J thinks Joey’s gone Team Mutt. “We do not have the luxury of trust,” he says. (When Jeremy says “Nicholas,” what he really means is “I love you.”)

I really just wanted to put a photo of Jeremy here. Because hearts.

Then, Jeremy and his vest have a heart-to-heart with Joey. Clearly having taken the Concord, Logan walks in the front door and shares an emotional hug with Nick. They adjourn to the study, where Logan tells Uncle Nicky the good news and Nick breaks out the good scotch. “To your father,” says Logan. “To your son,” says Nick. (Clink!)

In Toronto, Victor Olsen creeps creepily and Daniel looks at him like, “WTF?” Nearby, Elena’s show kicks off and Diane keeps hitting on Clay — complete with an adorkable shout-out to Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck. Clay notices that James Williams is a platinum sponsor of the gallery and asks Diane about him. Twigged and alpha male-y, he checks in with Elena, who assures him she’s having a blast. Soon enough, Elena’s spidey senses tingle, and she comes face-to-face with Victor. “You’re still just a scared little girl,” he crows. Out in the parking lot with Diane, Clay realizes trouble is afoot! He finds Santos in his car, smacks his smug face into the steering wheel and then starts choking him to death. Too bad Diane interrupts. Inside, Philip overhears Victor tormenting Elena and attacks him. He gets in some great punches, proving rage is just as effective as wolf DNA. Victor stumbles out, gets in Daniel’s car and the two speed off.

Clay gets his choke on.

Nick and Logan’s talk takes a serious turn as Nick advocates raising a baby with the Pack: “What you’re going through right now is exactly why these rules exist.” Logan asks if he ever thinks about his mother, and Nick inhales and says … “Vanilla.” (Make your own BDSM jokes here.) The guys realize that A) Joey’s not in with the mutts and B) the mutts are hiding out in a Prohibition-era distillery that smells like vanilla! They hightail it to the warehouse to look around. They find a box full of Santos’ trophies, and Jeremy recognizes his own father’s ring. When they stumble on photos of Logan, Rachel and Elena in Toronto, Logan blurts out that Rachel is pregnant with his son. “Go,” says Jeremy without hesitation. “Find her.”

In Toronto, Clay and Elena realize there’s some larger conspiracy at play. They can’t leave until they get to the bottom of it. Back at Philip’s apartment, Clay gives him and Elena some privacy so she can lower the (carefully edited) boom about her family issues. Clay calls Jeremy, who tells him to hold the fort until he gets there. Philip accepts most of Elena’s explanation, except the Clay parts. Because he has eyes, he can tell there’s more there. “Tell me: Are you done with him?” he asks. Elena’s silence says it all. “I don’t even know you,” he says, as he peaces out. Meanwhile, Big J and the pups realize that the mutts have one true target: Elena.   

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