Bitten Recap: Episode 1.11 - "Settling"

In Bitten 1.11, “Settling”, asses are kicked and names are taken!

After a night alone in a big ol’ bed with no calls, Elena is a wreck. “I can’t reach Philip!” she tells henley-clad Clay. Clay, who just got off the phone with Jeremy, shelves the romantic pathos for the pressing issue: “We’re under attack!” He tells her that Jeremy and Nick are coming, and they’ll collect Logan and go home. As for Rachel? They’ll put her some place safe. Still, Philip is first on Elena’s mind.

Clay and his henley get to the point.


At Logan’s townhouse, he charges his dead cellphone and calls Rachel in a panic. She’s at the gallery cleaning up … as Karl Marsten walks in. Still on the line, Logan freaks out. Karl makes a few quips and, having made his point, directs Rachel, “I believe someone is yelling into your hand, my dear. It must be terribly important.” (Oh, Karl, I almost love you even though you’re not played by Clive Owen.) Logan tries to dial down his shit-losing and keeps Rachel on the phone, talking to him about the gallery fracas.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy lays down the plan for Nick, but Sheriff Karen nips their Toronto trip in the bud! Turns out, the FBI are about to swarm the property, as Michael Braxton’s death matches several other cases. Jeremy slips into host mode, bringing Karen coffee (She likes it “black and caffeinated,” like her wolves) and asking about the lead in the case. She reveals LeBlanc’s fingerprints were found on Braxton’s body, and he’s been a busy guy. Jeremy feigns ignorance and Karen feels sorry for him “bearing the brunt.” (That’s practically flirting for these two!) In Canada, Elena’s paranoia is ratcheted up to 11, as she imagines Santos or Olsen going after her hunky human. Clay is actually rational, pointing out that the mutts are all “no1curr” about Philip. He’s forced to tell her what they DO care about: her. In further overprotective mate news, Logan tries to convince Rachel to run off to Jamaica with him, to no avail.

Who doesn’t want a Jamaican vacation? Rachel.

Meanwhile, Philip finds Diane and they have one of their puzzling-over-Elena talks — this time with bonus Clay’s-not-her-cousin. A far more important mystery is the larger mutt conspiracy, and Clay and Elena try to figure out how James Williams, Santos and Malcolm Danvers’ ring all connect. After a very short and aggravating mutt meeting, Santos gives the bad guys their marching orders. “It’s your rodeo,” acknowledges Karl, before warning him, “Tyranny can be infectious.” Once Daniel is alone, we learn he answers to a higher power: the elusive James Williams of the vodka campaign and gallery patronage. (Ten bucks and a shirtless Nick says he’s really Jeremy’s presumed dead father!) 

Philip picks now to come home and have it out with Elena. She tells him she still wants the peace she found with him and his family. As to Clay? He’s here to protect her. A sense-making Phil wonders why she can’t just call the cops. At Logan’s, he scares Rachel with his insistence that they get out of town ASAP because people are after them. Down at Stonehaven, Jeremy and Nick wait out the offscreen FBI and Nick throws a fit about relaxing the rules and letting Logan and Elena get too close to humans. Jeremy asserts his Alpha-thority before asking Nick what Antonio whispered to him on his deathbed. “He told me my mother’s name,” Nick admits.

Oh. Snap.


Back at the Apartment of Angst We Don’t Have Time For, Philip opens up to Elena, saying he wants to spend his life getting to know her. They can move to London, New York, Narnia … “Nobody has to know where we are.” Philip proposes marriage, but Elena can’t give him an answer.

Philip: “I love you!” Elena: “Uh …”


She comes out of the bedroom to find Clay out on the terrace. Naturally, she grabs her purse and leaves. In Bear Valley, Karen tells Jeremy that the feds have tracked LeBlanc across the border into Canada and he thanks her for being so respectful of his privacy. “I just wish we’d met under better circumstances,” she says. “We still might,” he chuckles. The minute the door closes, Jeremy and Nick head out to Toronto.

Elena comes to Logan, who begs her to help convince Rachel to run off with him — evading both the mutts and Jeremy. Elena gives Rachel the rundown, even accepting the inevitable Mafia comparison as she gets her to agree to leave. Downstairs, Elena is certain she and Logan have to change the ways of the Pack or they’ll die off. “Maybe you should be Alpha,” he notes. Across town, Philip and Clay are united in their worry over AWOL Elena. They even sort of bond as Clay admits he dragged Elena into his family troubles. Philip asks if he still loves her, and Clay sidesteps like one of the Temptations. When Philip realizes the family is coming to take Elena away, he wants to come, too. Clay’s like, “Um. No.” 

This means they’re in love, right?

As Logan tries to sneak Rachel out, they hear barking dogs. He stashes her in the shower and muddles the scent trail in the townhouse with perfume. In simultaneous bad news, Santos and Olsen show up at Philip’s apartment! Clay instinctively moves in front of Phil as he threatens to throw them off the balcony. (Aw! Can Elena just have a ménage?) An eavesdropping Elena ducks into a stairwell to shift. Inside, Clay beats the ever-loving crap out of Santos and Olsen. Barware shatters! Philip is no help whatsoever! It’s a hot mess! At the townhouse, Logan gets the jump on Karl and chokes him while LeBlanc finds Rachel in the bathroom. No worries: Logan hauls him out and kicks ass. He tosses the strangled mutt out the front door but realizes Karl disappeared. Worse news? LeBlanc stabbed him! “Get me to Stonehaven,” he tells Rachel as he bleeds.

Wolflena to the rescue!


A wounded Philip tries to crawl down the hall, only to end up trapped in the bedroom with Olsen. Fortunately, wolf Elena saves him … and then shifts back to human Elena in the bathroom. He’s pretty much frozen in shock as she checks on him. As for Clay…? Santos drugged him while they were rassling, and despite his efforts to keep fighting Santos and LeBlanc, he passes out. Elena finds the needle and no trace of the three wolves. “In a better world, I would’ve married you,” she whispers to a silent Philip before walking out.    

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