Bitten Recap: Episode 1.12 - "Caged"

In Bitten 1x12, “Caged,” everybody’s locked up, but love is born free.

In the wake of the bloodbath at her apartment, Elena is ready to hare off and rescue Clay — just as Jeremy and Nick show up at her SUV. Shortest trip ever for the boys, because Jeremy immediately sends her and Nick back to Stonehaven. (Do they travel by TARDIS? Floo Network?) Meanwhile, at the Happy Fun Home for Psycho Mutts, Santos has Clay strung up like a sub at a BDSM club. On the kink menu: electric shocks. Daniel tucks the electrodes into Clay’s mom jeans and calls Elena to set up a meeting at the Bear Valley diner. Smug Daniel shocks Clay some more just for fun. Ow.

This is not safe, sane or consensual.


LeBlanc and a none-too-happy Karl return to the horse farm hideout with medical supplies. Karl and Daniel update each other on their recent high jinks, and Karl notes that the objective of The Plan seems to have changed. In Toronto, Philip’s sister and mom converge at the hospital and wonder what happened to Elena. Well, presently, she’s getting lectured by Jeremy about staying put. No Bear Valley meetings for you, Missy! The parental smackdown is put on hold when Rachel drives up to the mansion with an unconscious Logan in the backseat. 

Who needs George Clooney? Welcome to Wolf ER!


Cue a return to the kitchen table ER (last seen when Antonio died; no pressure!). Logan’s coherent enough to tell Big J about LeBlanc and Karl, while Nick pulls a frantic Rachel away from the doctoring. Because Jeremy is a badass, he un-collapses Logan’s lung (Swoon!). In the study, Nick and his red pants turn on the charm, with nary a whiff of his “human women should not raise wolf cubs” philosophy. “Logan’ll pull through,” he assures Rachel. Far more ominous is Jeremy, who saves Logan and notes he did the right thing “for now.”

Morning dawns. Clay is now tied to a chair and the mutts have not removed his jeans. (What kind of villains ARE you guys?) The torture continues! Elena finally gets around to returning Diane’s calls and says she’ll be at the hospital as soon as possible. She tries sneaking out to meet Santos and save Clay, but Jeremy catches her, grabs her and sticks her in the cage! Elena warns him against trying to trade himself for Clay. “Nick and I will deal with this,” he says.

And you thought putting your kid in Time Out was bad…


In Stonehaven’s infirmary, Logan is better and Rachel has the heebies. “When I’m able, we’ll go,” he tells her. “We’ll go far away.” Equally delusional, Santos crows to Clay about walking off into the sunset with Elena. (That doesn’t even work as psychological torture, because Elena would snap him in half.) Daniel sort of ineffectually beats on Clay while questioning him. Karl is over this bullshit, noting wittle Danny just wants what Clay has: “status in the Pack … and the girl.” 

At Stonehaven, caged Elena paces and fights and Big J checks on Logan. Jeremy seems all convivial and hopeful about Rachel’s baby, but it’s just cover for his militant Pack-only stance. Logan gets the message. Rachel ALSO gets a message: hearing Elena banging against the bars of the cage. (Why do they not have a werewolf butler for these problems?) Logan stops her before she can go down to the basement. “Some things you see, you can’t un-see,” he says. “Go upstairs. Forget all this.” He goes down and frees Elena, who weapons up and tells him and Rachel to leave because it’s not safe.

Danny boy, this is not Elena’s idea of foreplay.


In Bear Valley, Nick and Jeremy await a late Santos and Elena lurks, keeping an eye on the situation. She meets Santos nearby, alone: “Tell me what it’ll take to release Clay.” When Danny gets cocky, Elena slams him up against a wall. He’s still delusional as he floats his terms: Elena aligns with him, the Pack becomes mutts and if Elena reneges, her loved ones get slaughtered. (Santos, you really think she won’t bite off your boy parts? Idiot.) Elena doesn’t answer, instead heading off to Toronto, because Victor has been sent to finish off Philip. In the hospital, Philip gives a very sanitized version of events to a police officer and then tells Diane that Elena’s family is involved in “some kind of Mafia war.”

Back at Mutt HQ, Karl offers Clay some bottled water and bemoans his “peon status.” Karl notes the operation has gone “horribly sideways” and was not what he signed on for. “You could always switch sides,” Clay suggests. Back at the hospital, we get some Apple product placement and Philip realizing Elena is the wolf in his vodka video. The light also dawns for Big J and Nick, who come home and discover Stonehaven empty. In Toronto, Victor takes a victory stroll through Phil’s apartment and Elena jumps him. She ties him up in the bathtub, and he gets all pedophile creepy while she tries to discern Clay’s location. “You’re not a killer,” he crows. “You don’t know what I am,” she asserts, slicing his wrists with a claw. Of course, her impromptu torture session gets interrupted by Philip (Holy AMA discharge, Batman). Because now is the time for these things, they have an emotional confrontation. “Please just go,” Elena begs, and a wary Philip does her bidding. Back in the bathroom, Victor gives up the Fox Valley Farm … and Elena lets him bleed to death, stuffing his rabbit’s foot in his mouth. (Stone. Cold.)  

The Joker from Batman clapping


Things seem dire for Team Pack, as Nick tells Jeremy that the mutts are mobilizing for an all-out assault. Jeremy concludes they need to figure out who James Williams is and why he’s “getting in our business.” (I was on this AGES ago, Big J. Just sayin’.) Luckily, Elena’s got the Rescue of the Week handled. She heads to the farm, gets the drop on Santos and Karl and finds Clay hanging from the ceiling. “It’s good to see you, darlin’,” he whispers to his heroine. At home, with Clay resting comfortably, Elena opens up to Jeremy about killing Olsen but leaving Karl and Santos alive. Jeremy reveals he’d intended to kill her the day Clay brought her to Stonehaven, because he thought she saw him change. Clay bit her to save her. Her mind, it is blown. A practical Jeremy sees these things as the sacrifices they have to make. “Clay has been the most trustworthy person you’ve ever known,” he says. Stunned, she goes to the infirmary, seeing her mate with new eyes, and curls up with him in bed.     



At Mutt Central, Karl flips his shit about how they’re all gonna die soon. The three of them are no match for Clay and the Pack. On cue, Daniel’s phone rings. James Williams tells him, “It’s time to storm the castle.”

Have fun storming the castle!


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