Bitten Recap: Episode 1.3 - "Trespass"

This week on episode 1.3 of the Real Werewolves of New York, “Trespass,” Elena and Clay hunt the murderous mutt. Here puppy, puppy…

As the Pack members crouch around the mutt’s newest victim, hunters and their dogs approach. Jeremy warns Clay and Nick against trying to cover it up. “We had nothing to do with this,” he assures the humans. Tempers start to rise. Elena plays visual chicken with a hunting dog and Clay knocks a guy in the face with his own gun. Fortunately, Jeremy’s good sense prevails (he buys it in bulk from Costco), and he calls the sheriff. Inside at Stonehaven, Clay gets all huffy about Elena challenging the dog. “You act like I’ve never been bitten before,” she snarks. The wolves return to figuring out the mutt’s motives and Elena promises to stay until they find him. “I want him alive,” Jeremy reminds her and Clay. They need to discover who turned him! Meanwhile, Nick, Logan and Pete are put on the task of tracking down Karl Marsten, a mutt with his paw on the pulse of non-Pack society.

You’d think there wouldn’t be time for relationship counseling. You’d be wrong! Jeremy and Elena take a minute to talk about good ol’ Phil, who sent her flowers. “I hate lying to him,” sighs Elena, before Big J drops some wisdom and offers to chuck the flowers (presumably because Clay will rip them to shreds). Elena then calls home, where Philip is just sitting around the house with his shirt open. As you do. P.S. He’s also not wearing pants. And he proudly tells Elena so! He even has a “No Pants Dance.” Eavesdropping Clay hates No Pants Dancing. He gets into his truck and starts blasting music. What a killjoy.

No Pants, No Problems

In the woods, Jeremy confers with the sheriff, who stresses that the Bear Valley residents really want a coordinated wolf hunt. Jeremy and Antonio realize they’ve got to find the mutt before the humans do. Speaking of humans, a fully dressed Philip meets with a business contact about investing in small-batch Balkan vodka. This will probably be important later, but right now Phil should just be naked.

In Bear Valley, Elena and a growly, possessive Clay (so, normal Clay, really) go bar hopping in the non-fun way. Elena finds a flyer for a rave — aka an all-you-can-meat-buffet. Sure enough, our psychopathic pup shows up there. Back in the woods, Jeremy continues to cultivate good relations with the sheriff (no, that’s not a euphemism). Elsewhere, Nick shows Pete and Logan the nightclub he’s hoping to open and introduces them to his pretty renovator, Amanda. Moments later, Karl Marsten (a short, poorly cast, bureaucratic Karl Marsten) shows up. Nick questions the “International Mutt of Mystery” over a game of pool. Karl offers to find out who bit and turned the rogue mutt in exchange for some territory of his own. 

Karl Marsten, Lupine Bureaucrat

Rave-bound Elena tells Clay, “You’re so uptight, they’ll think you’re a narc.” He’ll stay at the door to catch the mutt when Elena drives him out. Inside a party that’s like Queer as Folk and the Matrix had a bastard love child at Wal-Mart, Elena quickly zeroes in on the mutt. “Killing people isn’t allowed,” she tells him. “I’m not going to let your rules get in the way of my fun,” he shrugs, before backing her against a wall. She turns the tables digging her nails into his chest and drawing blood. It’s too much: It triggers the mutt’s change. Elena locks him away from the crowd, blocking the door. When the noise stops, she finds the office wrecked and the mutt gone. Soon enough, he’s wolfing his way through the meat market. Cue screams! Blood! Bites! Elena and Clay circle the feeding mutt as humans keep running and screaming.

The sheriff and her men get word, heading from the woods into Bear Valley, where mayhem has ensued. Elena and Clay hide as the sheriff gets off a few shots and hits the mutt, who’s then flattened by a car. Elena and Clay head back into the warehouse and find a guy that got bitten. Even though Elena begs him not to, Clay suffocates him. A “weak” habitual drug user, he wouldn’t have survived the Change. Jeremy calls Pete to let the boys know that the mutt is dead and that Logan and Pete are free to go home. (I’m pretty sure this means Pete is a goner.)

Back home, Elena insists that she and Clay got people killed tonight and that he doesn’t need her. “Keep telling yourself that,” he growls as Jeremy walks up. “He’s not the only one that needs you,” sighs the king of all enablers. “We all do.” Elena says she’s going home in the morning. Shock of all shocks, she actually goes back to Toronto! Cue an adorable, sexy reunion with Philip, who notes she’s “insatiable” and “acrobatic” and “Most days it’s like the Russian circus around here.” (Kinky!) Elena gets some hot lovin’ — and then Logan and Rachel come over for dinner. Surprise! “Cousin. Coma. Car accident. Kids,” Logan and Elena quickly recap before heading into the World’s Most Secretive and Awkward Double Date.

Philip cooks AND does dishes. Winner!

At Stonehaven, Jeremy and Antonio note that they need to canvas all the mutts, while angry Clay strips for a run. “Clay is in full brood in the nude,” says Nick, before he and Antonio head off to follow Karl’s money trail. As they drive away, they ominously stop the car. In Toronto, just when Logan and Phil are about to get their scotch-swillin’ bromance on, Logan gets a call from Clay. “We have to go back right away,” Logan tells Elena. So, what happened? Well, your recapper called it: RIP, Pete, RIP.

Poor Dead Pete

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