Bitten Recap: Episode 1.6 - "Committed"

In Bitten 1x06, “Committed,” Elena dons a bridesmaid’s gown and body parts get removed (not by her).

We open on Elena and Philip reveling in two days’ worth of reunion sex and talking about Becky’s wedding — and we learn they don’t live together! (I officially give up pondering where/why/how Elena hangs her hat.) More Snuggles of Wolf Denial continue as, back in Bear Valley, Jeremy and Clay discuss the mutt menaces. Jeremy mentions Nick talking to their allies, the Stillwells, in D.C., and Clay dubs them traitors. Yes, Clay is just crankypants because Elena left. Jeremy assures him she’ll be back and then finds a stranger on his doorstep: Samuel Boggs, a wolf who’s heard the Alpha is weak and is spoiling for a fight. Clay’s happy to give it to him, breaking his nose and tossing him out. 

I fear for Avon ladies and Jehovah’s Witnesses.


In Toronto, Phil and Elena are out being couple-y when Elena senses trouble. At home, Philip bribes her to open up with some grilled cheese. (Sharing of secrets should at least involve bacon!) She says she thought she saw Victor Olsen, who’d lived next door to a foster family and terrorized her. Philip swears nothing will change how he sees her (dun dun DUN!). Later, Elena tells Logan that it was Daniel Santos she saw. The skinny-tied sociopath likes stirring up trouble! Logan gives her props for opening up to Philip about Victor. But Philip wants more: He wants her to move in! Logan, who’s lived with Rachel for two years, says he’s shared everything except for “The Thing.” But how would Elena explain Clay? “You can’t let your past with Clay color your future with Philip,” says Logan.

This shirt. You guys.


As Philip admires his Balkan-Estonian vodka campaign (do a shot every time it comes up!), Elena brings over wedding festivity champagne and says she’ll move in. Philip and his very pink, Nick-esque, shirt are thrilled. Speaking of Nick, we finally see him! He’s found Dennis Stillwell dead at Cain and LeBlanc’s hands, and Joey Stillwell is missing. Jeremy and Clay tell him to sanitize the scene and come home.         

Later, Becky and her bridal party get ready at Philip and Elena’s place. Elena looks deceptively Barbie-like in her cute bridesmaid’s dress. And she faces a threat worse than rogue mutts: Philip’s mother. At Stonehaven, Antonio, Jeremy and Clay mull over the unrest in the Pack. Clay wants to reinstate mutt hunts to show Jeremy can’t be pushed around. “Do you think that I’m letting them push me around?”  Jeremy asks. When Samuel Boggs comes knocking again, Jeremy rolls up his sleeves — so you know it’s “on” — and effortlessly kicks Boggs’ ass. Never mess with a wolf in a vest.

Jeremy and his Vest of Asskickery


Elena has a heart-to-heart with a weepy Becky, who reveals she’s off her meds and dealing with her mom’s disapproval of her guy. “Love is messy,” points out Elena. “When it’s right, it’s bigger than both of you.” The scene shifts to Stonehaven and Clay tossing Boggs in the cage. How romantic! He busts out the Saran Wrap and tortures Samuel until he reveals Karl Marsten sent him. Speaking of kitchen stuff, Logan pulls some pizza out of the oven and Rachel comes home suspecting she has a bun in hers. Familial shenanigans continue at Becky’s wedding reception as Elena has a bonding moment with mama Olivia … and then sees wedding crasher Daniel! Alone, Santos insists he’s just looking out for her because Clay’s out of control. (Really? It’s Clay. How can you tell?)

Daniel is such a little shit.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy orders Clay to send a major message to the other wolves via Boggs. Meanwhile, Elena recognizes the Cigar of Smugness that Daniel is smoking as one of Karl’s. Santos subtly threatens her human loved ones, which would be scary if he weren’t three inches shorter than her in her heels. Elena slams him against a wall and turns down his offer of teaming up. Back in the reception, she eavesdrops on Philip talking her up to his mom. Then, Jeremy calls, concerned about her safety. “Everything’s fine,” she lies, because a visit from a wee, hobbit-y sociopath is no biggie.

Werewolf Barbie will end you.


You know what is a biggie? Rachel’s positive pee stick! Logan is levelheaded about the pregnancy news. Rachel rightly accuses him of being all therapist-y and storms upstairs. In a better place? Elena and Philip, who cuddle and look forward to going home together. Elena even gets Mom’s blessing! Of course, Clay calls her right after. Shaken. Bloody. “I want to be a better man, Elena,” he confesses. “Please come home.” If that weren’t ominous enough, she finds a gift for Jeremy in her coat. When Philip comes out to look for her, she’s gone. (She does text him when she takes off! How thoughtful!)

Home at Stonehaven, Clay gives Jeremy Boggs’ teeth, one-upping Huck from Scandal in the freakiest possible way. Elsewhere, Logan brings Chef Rachel some “apology salt,” and she says she wants to “revisit our feelings in a couple of days.” Does Logan tell her she may be gestating a wolf? Not yet. Antonio welcomes his own baby wolf, Nick, home with a hug and encouragement. As the guys converge and discuss retaliation against Karl for the Stillwells, Elena arrives and hands Jeremy Daniel’s present: Dennis Stillwell’s eyes.

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