Bitten Recap: Episode 1.7 - "Stalking"

In Bitten 1.07, “Stalking,” we diverge from book canon and from vests.


What’s more awkward than getting a friend’s eyeballs as a gift? Getting a call while discussing said eyeballs! “I wanna be heard … and taken seriously,” Daniel Santos gloats to the core Pack, while insisting Clay is the only local psychopath. “You can count on having some more funerals,” he warns. Jeremy agrees to a meeting with Daniel and tells Elena and Clay to scout stakeout positions. Alone, Elena worries about Clay’s manpain (wolfpain?), and he admits torturing mutts isn’t as easy as it used to be. She’s quick to remind him she’s not home because of him. Of course, as they move around the park, Zachary Cain is staking out them!


Eyeballs are serious business.


In Toronto, Philip tries to track down who posted the wolf video — by calling a girl and feeling guilty despite Elena’s apparent abandonment. (Aw, Phil. Bless.) Back at Stonehaven, Antonio creates a cover for Dennis’ demise and Nick doesn’t envy his position as Pack “fixer.” He marvels at his dad’s abilities, including raising a teenage son at Nick’s current age. Jokes about Nick planting pups in some twins in Rio ensue! Speaking of pups, Rachel and Logan have a cramping scare, and she admits she miscarried years ago. Logan assures her they will all be fine. (Please don’t die, Logan.) Elsewhere, Philip’s sexy tech support, Sylvie, hacks his video source and his personal life! A “nutjob” named Nate Parker posted the clip. Sylvie offers to help Philip track the guy down, and they pay him five grand for the rights. They then engage in some flirting-and-turning-down that none of us care about.

Meanwhile, back at the park, Elena and Clay spy a box being dropped off and warn Jeremy. (You guys, this is a trap.) As Jeremy and Antonio are stalled en route by an accident (trap!), Elena sees Cain creeping up on Clay (trap!). The female accident victim stabs Jeremy, and Antonio, on the phone, yells to Clay, “It’s an ambush!” You had ONE line to get right, Tony…



The shit very rapidly hits the fan as LeBlanc, Santos and the woman attack Big J and Tony and wolf Elena rescues Clay from wolfy Cain’s sneak attack. When the gang gets back to Stonehaven, Antonio’s in terrible shape and Nick carries his dad inside (sob!). They quickly snap into ER mode and manage to save Antonio’s life. (And he and Jeremy both call a worried Nick “Nicky.” Sob!)

Logan hopes for a little girl that takes after her human mother and ignores a call from Elena to snuggle with his lady. Elena tells Clay she’ll call him later … and then an overtaxed Jeremy collapses from his wounds, forcing them into ER mode once more! At a Bear Valley trailer park, Cain and his crazy lady friend enjoy some sex just to break up the tension of this sequence. Because, back at Stonehaven, Jeremy is okay but Antonio is fading. (Noooo.) He asks Elena to take care of “the boys” and asks Clay to learn to forgive, before telling Jeremy to do whatever it takes to take down Santos. We don’t know what he whispers to Nicky with his last breath, and it doesn’t matter because we’re all too busy sobbing.  


Elena and Big J mourn for Antonio. Sniffle!


Later, Jeremy ditches his Vest of Asskickery for a truly ugly Cardigan of Mourning. (Seriously. It’s like Clay’s mom jeans.) Nick insists they need to go on the “offensive,” and they decide to start with Cain and his girlfriend. “We can’t bring Antonio back, but we can make this right,” says Elena, before she and Clay go track Cain. As Nick stitches Jeremy’s stab wound, Sheriff Karen shows up with the news that they found Braxton’s body. Despite his shallow breathing and tentative movements, Jeremy gets his flirt on with Karen, who notes he’s not old enough to have a son Clay’s age. Back at Cain’s trailer, Amber tries to convince him to change her into his “werewolf queen,” but he’s not havin’ it. He decides to go for nachos. As you do. Clay and Elena track him to a gas station, and Elena very emphatically ties her hair back, so you know it’s on. Her idea of tossing a gauntlet? Keying his truck with a wolfed-out claw. Elena and Cain spar, but then Clay gets involved, and Elena has to talk him down from breaking Cain’s neck.


Don’t get Elena all keyed up.

Jeremy’s wound re-opens from the sheer force of his flirting and he dials Logan. Rachel makes Logan take the call and the update. Jeremy wants him back home, but he makes his excuses. “I’m not going anywhere,” he assures Rachel. In Bear Valley, Clay drags Cain off to the cage and Elena checks in on Jeremy. Though he’s clearly in bad shape, he tells her to go soothe Philip’s worries. She calls Phil back for a heart-to-heart and then finds Jeremy passed out on the floor! “This can’t be just blood loss,” she realizes. Big J’s been poisoned!   


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