Bitten Recap: Episode 1.8 - "Prisoner"

In Bitten 1.8, “Prisoner,” there’s physical torment, emotional torment and a sexy scene too hot for American TV.

Far from whistling while they work, Elena and Clay clean up the bloody remnants of Antonio’s demise. “I feel like we failed Antonio,” Elena whispers, Lady Macbeth-ing the bloody table. “We did,” broods Clay. Elena then checks on a feverish Jeremy, who is still Alpha enough to tell her how to solve his poisoning woes. (Bad. Ass.) Clay offers to torture Cain for the type of poison used. “I’ll make him talk,” he vows. Too bad Cain has wolfed out! Elena decides to go find the rest of the mutts, starting with their human hanger-on, Amber, and promises Clay she’ll call if she needs backup.

Poor Big J.


At Nick’s in-progress nightclub, he meets with his cousin Jorge and asks for legal advice. Back at the cage, a no-bullshit-having Clay tranquilizes wolf Cain. We then pop up to Toronto (cue the jaunty TTC subway sign!) to see what Philip and Sylvie are up to. Wolf videos, vodka campaigns, flirting, pre-cheating, etc. But, also, their wolf video clip contains a puzzling pan across discarded clothing. What could THAT mean? Surprisingly, our intrepid Phil recognizes the running clothes and necklace and, once alone, flips through pictures of Elena for comparison. It’s a match. Gasp!  

Aw, Philip, you’re so smart. Have a cookie!


In Bear Valley, Elena breaks into Cain’s truck and Nick goes full fixer, telling Jorge about their mutt woes and how they need to erase Antonio’s human life from the books. “No more ‘Nicky,’” he adds, patting his cousin on the neck like his father used to pat him. Not quite as fond is Clay, who has chained up a humanized Cain. “If you try to change, your arms will rip out of their sockets,” he says, helpfully. Elsewhere, Elena’s sleuthing leads her to Cain and Amber’s trailer. Mid-Veronica Mars, her phone rings with a call from Philip. The couple paranoids and suspicions at each other. Maybe Phil thinks Logan and Elena have Flowers in their Attic? IDK. In any case, Elena goes back to her trailer B&E.

Clay asks Cain about the poison on the blade. Cain is suitably impressed by LeBlanc’s forethought but keeps antagonizing Clay, because he’s not very smart. (Also, I’m not entirely sure Cain’s beard is real. Is that a merkin?) Elena calls to tell Clay she’s in Amber’s trailer, waiting for her to return, and Clay turns to exploit Cain’s weakness. Go team! Jorge finishes up covering Antonio’s trail with Nick’s guidance and they toast to Antonio taking his place “in the Legacy.” Back at Stonehaven, Clay staves off Jeremy’s premature deathbed confessions with an update, but Jeremy is still melancholy, remembering how his father Malcolm once dropped him in a lake with a rock tied around his neck (hello, dysfunction!). Clay snuggles on him for comfort. Aw!

Not so snuggly? Elena, who catches up with Amber at a diner. The ladies have a very hostile chat about “the werewolf thing.” Meanwhile, Clay once again busy with the Care and Feeding of a Half-Naked Werewolf. He even cites Truman Capote in his head games with Cain. At the diner, we learn Amber suffers from a massive case of Elena envy, because she wants live in wolfy love with Cain forever. “I could survive it,” she insists of the Change. “I could be just like you.” Yes, there is a lot of Amber/Elena and Cain/Clay parallelism going on here. (Please write a comparison paper and turn it into me by next week.)

Amber is very “young Helena Bonham Carter,” don’t you think?


Clay locks the basement door and greets Sheriff Karen, who’s still on the trail of Michael Braxton’s murderer. Elena makes more headway with Amber, who offers to take her to LeBlanc in exchange for Cain. Too bad it’s a lie, and Karl and LeBlanc show up at the diner! Amber slips off as Karl and LeBlanc slide into the booth. “How many times must I ask for territory?” Karl pouts, oddly impressed as Elena subtly snaps a skeevy LeBlanc’s wrist. “Tell me about the poison?” she whispers, cracking some more bones. He gasps out the name and she hightails it back to Stonehaven to tell Jeremy, who prescribes a blood transfusion. I sure hope Elena’s a universal donor, because she does a quick and dirty field transfer. “We’re the same,” Jeremy intones, on a very metafiction level.

At Nick’s club, he cracks open some wine for him and his pretty manager Amanda, reminiscing about his father. He talks about the chase, about prey, and it should be creepy but it’s not. “Are you trying to seduce me, Nick?” she murmurs. “Nope,” he says. “That part’s already done.” And then our smooth operator gets his grief-sexin’ swerve on. (Damn. Just damn.)

The Rock and I offer our applause.


In Canada, Philip returns to Nate’s apartment to find it completely vacant. Turns out, the hacker was squatting! At Stonehaven, Elena and Clay update each other and Clay pitches a fit that Elena didn’t call him when the mutts showed up. “I’m trying to protect you!” he insists. “Where was that attitude four years ago?” she tosses back. She lays out for him how Cain fell so deeply for Amber that he told her who he really was but refused to risk biting her. “That’s. Love.”

Elena lays the smackdown.


Clay has no response to the excellent burn … except to go back downstairs and tranq Cain once more. He ties Cain to a chair naked, Casino Royale-style, and uses what he’s learned to get the wolf to spill Santos’ plan and location. “Please, don’t hurt her. Kill me, but don’t hurt her,” Cain begs of Amber. The men have an odd bonding moment imagining their futures with their ladyloves … and then Clay kills Cain for Pete. As you do.

Later, Jeremy holds court in a dashing smoking jacket as Nick, Clay and Elena converge. Clay tells them the bad news: Santos has hired former Pack enforcer Jimmy Koenig to come after them. “My father used to call him the Killing Machine,” warns Nick. In the kitchen, tension is still fraught as Clay tells Elena, “What we have between us is a real thing.” He sets down the vise he used to finish Cain and walks away.  

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