Bitten Recap: Episode 1.9 - "Vengeance"

Bitten 1x9, “Vengeance,” is all about ch-ch-changes. So, crank up the Bowie!

We open on Nick and Jeremy sparring on the Stonehaven grounds (because Bitten loves me), as Big J advises Nick on the value of self control. Jeremy hopes story time will underscore his lessons. Flash back to 1984, with a very young Antonio and a wee baby Nick (because Bitten loves me A LOT). Jimmy Koenig, who looked like Mick Jagger and Benicio del Toro’s love child, was sent to bring them home to Stonehaven after Antonio left Nick’s mother. With wee baby Nick in a car seat nearby, Koenig made Tony choke a mutt to death. Not because it was the Alpha’s price for returning but “just for the sport of it,” says Jeremy. “Don’t lose your focus.”

Koenig can’t get no satisfaction.


It must be advice-and-rassling day at Stonehaven, because Clay and Elena have a similar, and equally sexy, exchange. It ends with Elena walking off in a huff and an amused Nick coming up on Clay after. “Eighty percent Jeremy’s better than 100% mutt,” he reports of their leader’s post-poisoning recovery. Meanwhile, a rattled Santos calls a much less Jagger-y present-day Koenig to tell him about Cain, warning him that Jeremy will probably bring everybody to their warehouse meeting. Much like the honey badger, Koenig don’t give a shit. “I’ll clean up your mess,” he assures. Post-phone call, LeBlanc postures and Santos obsesses. We learn that Joey Stillwell is to be a newly turned Victor Olsen’s “final training.” In the meantime, Santos sacrifices a bunny to the cause and Amber cries over Cain’s death. Her tears dry, though, as she turns to LeBlanc and urges him to kill Elena.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy is still a little stiff and Logan is still a no-show. But the Pack must soldier on! “We will end this today,” Big J swears (which means it’ll drag on for four more episodes). Up in Toronto, Logan and Rachel are at a sonogram appointment. “It’s our little gummi bear,” squees Rachel. Not as thrilled is Logan, because it’s a boy — a little gummi wolf. Speaking of wolves, Philip is still trying to work out the mystery of Elena’s clothes in the wolf video and Diane urges him to talk to Logan and “put your mind at ease.” (Banging your cousin … more acceptable than being a werewolf? IDK.)

Love the werewolf, fear the vest.


In Bear Valley, Jeremy and his Vest of Asskickery greet Koenig. Clay, Elena and Nick show up as backup as the two fight. Jeremy vs. Jimmy doesn’t last long, as Nick tries to intervene and a smirking Koenig skips off. “Split up and find him!” Jeremy orders. In Toronto, Rachel is still aflutter about baby boys, certain that Logan will be a great dad. She gives him a framed photo of his family she found in storage. Aw! Of course, that family is on the hunt for Koenig. And as Elena pokes around, LeBlanc grabs her! She wrenches out of his grasp and runs for it, smacking into a random, similarly dressed, homeless lady in the process. (‘Cause that happens.) LeBlanc shoots Elena in the shoulder, and the guys all hear the shot with their superwolf hearing.

Koenig tackles Jeremy for Round Two. Some high-speed stunt asskicking occurs. LeBlanc empties, like, a clip and a half as he keeps shooting at a hidden Elena. Remember the (obviously not so random) homeless woman? He shoots her instead! Clay sees from a window, thinks she’s Elena and goes apeshit. Wolfshit. You know how it is. Inside, Koenig vs. Jeremy is not going in Jeremy’s favor. Nick’s interruption this time is swift and merciless. He snaps the former enforcer’s neck.

Hottest neck-snap since Angelus on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? You decide.


Outside, hidden under a car, Elena begs her Change to stop. As Clay continues to frantically search for her, her spine begins to crack. Shockingly, Elena manages to stave off her shift as LeBlanc squeezes off a few shots at Clay. If you’re worried, don’t be: Clay and Elena converge and share a passionate hug. Aw!   

Wolf hug!


Up in Toronto, Logan gives Philip some great “You’re crazy” face as he reveals they went for a harmless swim at Cherry Beach and didn’t see any wolves. Philip gives him some “I don’t believe you” face in return and makes note of Clay and Jeremy in his family photo. As he ushers Philip out, Logan finds a package on his stoop. No, it’s not eyeballs (thank goodness!): It’s a rattle and a little card that says “It’s a boy!” You’d think this would be the time to run home to the Pack but, no, Logan thinks it’s safer to hang with preggers Rachel alone. (Dumbass.)

Back at the Hidey Hole For Wayward Mutts, Santos puts LeBlanc in the cage for his off-book antics and Amber offers to let him out in exchange for a bite. He shifts and she sticks her hand in the cage. She’s all tearfully thrilled about her savaged arm. (I don’t think is going to go well, do you?) At Stonehaven, Jeremy stitches up Elena’s wound as Clay paces. They’re amazed she stopped her change. Later, Jeremy and Nick share a drink and some warm fuzzies. They decide to go spread Antonio’s ashes at the Sorrentino’s cherry orchard. Aw! Alone in Jeremy’s study, Clay reaches out to a shaken Elena. “I thought I lost you today, but you’re safe. You’re with me,” he assures, as she finally gives in and kisses him. Clothes come off, and they make love in front of the fire.   

So many feels.


As morning spreads across Stonehaven, Elena sneaks up to her room and Clay lets out a soft sigh. Meanwhile, back at Mutt HQ, Amber’s change isn’t going so well … and LeBlanc laughs his ass off. Elena checks her messages, with back-to-back calls from Logan and Diane urging her back to Toronto. She assures Jeremy she’ll check on Logan while she’s there … and he says he’s sending Clay with her. Uh oh.  

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